Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and Security

Real World Microsoft Access Database Protection and

Security issues for all versions of Access from 97 to 2003 are discussed and the merits of each security approach from both the perspective of the developer and the database administrator/manager are examined.

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Foundations of Security: What Every Programmer Needs to Know (Expert's Voice)

Foundations of Security: What Every Programmer Needs to

Software developers need to worry about security as never before. They need clear guidance on safe coding practices, and that’s exactly what this book delivers. The book does not delve deep into theory, or rant about the politics of security. Instead, it clearly and simply lays out the most common threats that programmers need to defend against. It then shows programmers how to make their defense. The book takes a broad focus, ranging over SQL injection, worms and buffer overflows, password security, and more. It sets programmers on the path towards successfully defending against the entire gamut of security threats that they might face.

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Cryptography in C and C++

Cryptography in C and

* The chapter on primality tests is thoroughly revised. This is the first book to include practical implementations of the recent major improvements in primality testing * The chapter about random number generation completely rewritten * Completely revised to incorporate latest cryptographic techniques

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Hardening Windows


* Covers the Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows Server R2’s new Security Configuration Wizard, branch-office security features, and new setup options. * Each chapter ends with checkpoints to ensure thoroughness. * Applicable to all current versions of Windows (NT, 2000 Pro/Server, SP Pro, and Server 2003). * Includes automation suggestions, from deployment to rollout and beyond.

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Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security (Books

Foundations of Mac OS X Leopard Security is written in part as a companion to the SANS Institute course for Mac OS X. It contains detailed Mac OS X security information, but also walkthroughs on securing systems. By using the SANS Institute course as a sister to the book, the focus includes both the beginning home user and the seasoned security professional not accustomed to the Mac, and allows this title to establish the “best practices” for Mac OS X for a wide audience. Additionally, the authors of the book are seasoned Mac and security professionals, having built many of the largest network infrastructures for Apple and spoken at both DefCon and Black Hat on OS X security. What you’ll learn Security overview Walkthroughs to secure systems Walkthroughs and suggestions for third–party applications on systems Mac forensics Mac hacking Apple wireless security Mac OS X security Who this book is for A wide audience of users, power users, and administrators who wish to make sure their Mac platform is secure.

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Expert Web Services Security in the .NET Platform

Expert Web Services Security in the .NET

Any company using .NET will eventually (if they haven't already) be exposing part of their functionality as a .NET Web Service, and how to secure these features will become job number one. Web Services security in the .NET Platform will be the comprehensive treatment on how to secure Web Services on the .NET platform and is completely up-to-date for the latest version of Visual Studio .NET. This book specifically focuses on Web Services security, not general .NET security.

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.NET Security


When you use .NET to create client-and server-side applications, you have to address a new and large set of security issues. .NET Security shows you what you need to know by covering different aspects of the .NET security model through detailed discussions about the key namespaces. The authors demonstrate how to write .NET code to create secure systems within the .NET Framework. They also discuss possible break-ins to the security model in .NETand how .NET prevents such intrusions. This tutorial explains how to use the .NET security and cryptographic classes, and functions as a reference manual for developers seeking to understand security implementation in the .NET Framework. Additionally, the .NET Framework requires understanding in many new areas like managed code, permissions, and evidenceall of which this dynamic book covers. Table of Contents The Basics of Cryptography and Security Using the .NET Cryptography Classes XML Encryption and Signatures Code Access Security Role Access Security Remoting and Security ASP.NET Web Application Security Passport Protecting Code

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Hardening Apache (Expert's Voice in Open Source Books for Professionals by Pro)

Hardening Apache (Expert's Voice in Open Source Books

* Thorough coverage of Apache security * Accessible for both junior and senior level system administrators * This will be most up-to-date book on Apache Foreword and tech review by Ken Coar; one of the most respected people in the industry

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