Baby Inkless Footprint & Handprint Kit with 4 Extra Large Ink Pads and 8 Imprint Cards by KiddyB, Perfect Baby Shower Registry Gift for Boys and Girls Photo or Picture Frames

Baby Inkless Footprint & Handprint Kit with 4

Capture your little one's handprint or footprint for everlasting memories. Celebrate it and make it unforgettable today! Start creating memories for tomorrow and the many years to come! The "Baby Inkless Footprint & Handprint Kit" from KiddyB helps you create an original impression of your newborn baby's precious little feet and hands. Quick, practical & user-friendly The 8 white cards and the pack of 4 of Super BIG Ink Pads (3 by 4.5 inches) have been designed exclusively to capture cute, memorable prints of the little members of your family. The imprint surface and POWERFUL ink absorbency level guarantees a "smooth operation" for baby foot/hand prints. 100% Baby SafeThis baby keepsake imprints kit is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. No ink will touch the baby skin. Not just gifts, but timeless memories Use your sweet baby handprints and footprints to personalize gifts. Let everyone know you're a proud parent. Set your imagination free and use them for extra long lasting event invitations, family announcements or scrapbook pages. They're also adorable Baby Gifts for a new mommy or at a baby shower party. One press that lasts forever One press is enough to get you excellent precision and superb delicate details. Once captured, rest assured you'll have an everlasting imprint. And because kids grow faster than we ever imagine, many parents use the baby prints made with this kit to track their kids' growth month after month. The beginning of a beautiful journey Also, this new chapter in a family's life could be the beginning of a beautiful art journey for the parents. Some creative minds could very well use the imprints to start their unique baby footprint art projects. Start now! Click "Add to Cart"

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Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint "Clean-Touch" Ink Pad, 2 Uses, Black

Pearhead Newborn Baby Handprint or Footprint "Clean-Touch" Ink

Capture and cherish your little ones prints forever with Pearhead's clean-touch ink pad. This ink pad achieves a highly detailed black print of your little one's hand or foot without ink ever getting on baby's skin! Absolutely no mess! To create an impression, make sure the ink is facing down on the included white card and press your baby's hand or foot onto the clean-touch ink pad. Your baby's tiny print will be left on the card without any ink on baby! Let the ink pad dry for 1-2 days before displaying. This set includes 1 clean-touch ink pad and 2 impression cards in case you need to redo the print. Each ink pad has a two-time use maximum and is for newborns only. Ink pads will accommodate hand/feet up to 2.25" x 3.5" . Now you will always be able to remember how little your baby's piggies were and cherish them forever with Pearhead's clean-touch ink pad. Product dimensions: 3.25" W x 4.75"H x .06" D.At Pearhead, we aim to create genuine, quality products to celebrate your special moments in life. We are a family of designers, marketers, and trendsetters bringing products to life that will bring a smile to your face. From concept and design to production and customer service, the Pearhead team works together seamlessly every step of the way. Whether your baby is celebrating their first year of life, you are announcing your pregnancy, or your pup is celebrating his first holiday season, Pearhead is here to share your moments in style.

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Baby Handprint Kit |NO Mold| Baby Picture Frame, Baby Footprint kit, Perfect for Baby Boy Gifts,Top Baby Girl Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts, Newborn Baby Keepsake Frames (Standard, Black)

Baby Handprint Kit |NO Mold| Baby Picture Frame,

Hold their tiny hand for eternity, with the Little Hippo Baby Imprint Picture Frame - non-toxic clay, in 4 designer frame colors.Look at those itty bitty feet, they sure do make a giant footprint on our heart. And those precious little hands grasping around one finger, sending tears of love through your soul. Soon enough, those tiny fingers and toes will grow and time will fade those cherished early years. But cast them in clay with a Little Hippo keepsake frame, and they're yours to keep strong forever. A tiny imprint today - tiny moments for a lifetime.

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Little Hippo
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  • Size: Standard
  • Manufacturer: Little Hippo

Baby Footprint Kit | Inkless Mess Free Newborn Baby Hand and Footprint Kit | 2 Extra Large 4" x 6" Ink Pad + 4 Imprint Cards | Great Baby Shower Gift Idea (Black)

Baby Footprint Kit | Inkless Mess Free Newborn

The First Years Of A Baby's Life Are So Special! Your baby is so tiny and adorable, but before you know it, they can stand on their feet and they get too heavy for your arms! This no mess inkless inkpad is here to help you create a keepsake of those special first years of your newborn baby. This ink pad and the 4 large (4x6in) print cards allow you to create a flawless handprint or footprint of your baby's tiny palm or foot, so that you can frame it or put it in your scrapbook. Your Kid's Safety Is Our Top Priority! For this reason, we've made sure that our memento ink pad is 100% nontoxic and safe for your little human. Regardless, your baby isn't going to ever touch the ink - that's what makes the 3" x 4.75" ink pad so safe and easy to use! In other words, you can have some peace of mind while you use this footprint ink pad and create beautiful memories! A Completely Mess Free Process! Once your baby safe inkpad handprint dries, it becomes smudge proof, so you can touch it without any worries. However, if your hands or clothes get dirty before the ink dries, you can simply wash them and they will be as good as new! Any Parent Would Love This Gift! The large inkless ink pad is a great gift idea for baby showers and baby birthday parties, since it makes for such a unique gift! The parents of the baby are definitely going to use the ink pad to create milestone mementos and keepsakes! Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! The baby footprint ink pad is under a 100% money back guarantee that ensures your complete satisfaction, so why wait? Scroll Up And Click "Add to Cart" NOW!

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  • Brand: Haaken + Hope
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Proud Baby Clay Hand & Footprint Keepsake Photo Wall Mount Frame Kit - Black

Proud Baby Clay Hand & Footprint Keepsake Photo

This kit includes soft, pliable air-drying clay. The non-toxic clay is safe and easy to use to capture those precious little hands and feet. After you make the impressions, the clay dries into a stone-like material in a couple of days. Features: No mixing of materials and no baking. Just knead, flatten and create the impression! Kit includes: Two bags of air-drying clay, Black smooth finish wood photo wall mount frame that holds one 5" x 7" picture, Writing tool, Wooden rolling pin & Easy-to-follow instructions. Frame dimensions are 16 " long x 8 " high; acrylic cover over center photo opening only. The clay display areas are 4.6 x 6.5 inches. [[Clay Tips: To ensure a smooth dried finish, be sure the clay is rolled out evenly (not thinner on the edges, etc) and is as smooth on the surface as possible before making the print. Then, cover the clay with a slightly damp light-weight cloth for 24 hours, or until the clay surface becomes leathery hard. Also, the clay is held into the frame by being pressed into the edges of the wooden openings.]]

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Casting Keepsakes
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  • Manufacturer: Casting Keepsakes

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (NEWBORN BUNDLE) 2 EASELS, 4 RIBBONS & LETTERS! Baby Handprint Kit and Footprint Kit, Clay Casting Kit for Baby Shower Gifts, Boys & Girls

Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (NEWBORN BUNDLE) 2 EASELS,

Are you looking for the cutest clay baby print kit, with a lifetime guarantee AND 15% discount? Well, we're proud to announce the arrival of your little bundle of joy - and it's twins! Order Now. ... Come And Meet Your Little Hippo Clay Ornament Kit You only get one chance to capture the first prints. So why take a chance on a kit that could ruin the moment? At Little Hippo, we take great care in creating our bundles of joy, so you can capture yours without the hassles. When You Purchase Your Kit Today, You'll Receive... The only complete twinset available (you've seen only partial sets until now) 2 packs of non toxic clay 2 molding rings 2 paper mats to work on 2 tiny easels to display your work ... and if you choose to hang your work, you get 4 colored satin ribbons (red, green, light pink, light blue) and hole punch. Plus, simple directions for even the most frazzled mom BONUS #1: We've also included a fun name/date personalization kit BONUS #2: 15% discount when you purchase 2 Little Hippo products today - enter code THEHIPPO at checkout LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Replacement or refund, no questions asked. It's The Little Things We Do We've included two easels in your kit (instead of one) and four ribbons. It's important that you get to capture your baby's print the way you want, so we've given you that choice. We also realized that with any newborn, many families also bring a new pet to grow and bond with their baby - so we wanted to ensure you had a complete set - 2 of everything to place side by side as you wish. And that's also why we also decided to offer you that special 15% discount today Enjoy your new memories from us at Little Hippo! We'll see you at checkout.

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  • Size: Single
  • Manufacturer: Little Hippo

Co Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit (Date & Name Stamp) Clay Hand Print Picture Frame for Newborn - Best New Mom Gift - Foot Impression Photo Keepsake for Girl & Boy - White Feet Imprint Mold

Co Little Baby Handprint & Footprint Kit (Date

Make a beautiful keepsake which will last a lifetime to décor your home with love.Look at those beautiful tiny parts, our little ones grow up so fast! It's so important to remember those early years that fill our hearts with love! We do not only save memories with photos but also with remarkable realistic prints of your newborn's itty-bitty fingers and toes in our handprint frame, now you can also mark the date or the name of your beloved baby with our FREE alphabet stamp.Product Details★FRAME DIMENSIONS: 11.1" x 9.09"★CLAY AREA: 4.7" x 6.3"★PHOTO AREAS: 2.75" X 2.75" (Photos should be in a slightly bigger size)★100% solid durable wood frame, hand painted with special anti-mold paint★No mixing or baking required the clay air-dries in 48 hours.Included In Our Baby Hand and Footprint Kit✔3 Packs of non-toxic clay✔Wood roller✔Double sided tape✔Alphabet and date stamp ✔Picture frame (white backboard, divider, outer wooden frame)✔100% Real safety glass✔Easy to follow instructions✔Beautiful gift carton Creation Takes 10 - 20 Minutes With Our Easy Instructions Manual We are sure that the grandparents would also enjoy this experience, invite those you keep closest and share this heart-melting experience. Both the frame and experience will be a memory to keep strong for a lifetime.The white clay leaves life-like details for you to relive that first year of your newborn. The clay together with the other parts is perfectly customized for each other makes Co Little's frame the most suitable frame for your home! Love it or we'll buy it back from you no questions asked!Today's great deal is a limited-time offer so don't delay. Get yours before it's too late to preserve those adorable memories!

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  • Brand: Co Little
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  • Manufacturer: Co Little

Baby Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit for Newborn Boys and Girls, Babyprints Paper and Clean Touch Ink Pad to Create Baby's Prints, Amazing Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit for

Always Remember the Sweetness of Your Baby's Perfect Feet There is nothing sweeter than tiny, perfect baby hands and feet. The miracle of birth is truly remarkable! Now you can preserve your beautiful baby's handprints and footprints with our premium Handprint and Footprint Frame Kit. Plus, it makes a fun and easy DIY Craft Project that only takes 10 minutes, and you can re-use the non-toxic ink pad for other projects. Everything You Need To Create A Lasting Memory Come with Photo frame, 2 Clean-Touch ink pad and 4 imprint cards; The clean-touch ink pads are 100% baby safe! The ink never touches your little one's foot and hand. Simply press your baby's hand and foot separately onto the included clean-touch ink pad and print card to reveal your baby's prints. Each clean-touch ink pad can be used twice. The Perfect Gift Norjews babyprints photo frame is the perfect gift. It's great for baby showers for any expecting mom or just because. How to Use 1. Take out the clean-touch ink pad and place pad, ink side down, on the included print card. 2. Place the clean-touch ink pad and card on a hard surface. Gently press baby's hand down on the non ink side of the clean-touch ink pad. 3. Repeat step 1. Placethe clean-touch ink pad and card on a hard surface. Gently press baby's foot down on the non ink side of the clean-touch ink pad. 4. Gently peel the clean-touch ink pads from the cards to reveal detailed prints of your little one's hand and foot. Let dry for 24-48 hours and place in frame with your newborn's picture. Cherish forever. Package List 1 x Photo Frame 2 x Clean-Touch ink pad 4 x Imprint cards Our Promise If you're not happy with the item, we'll provide replace or refund, just feel free to contact us, we'll spare no efforts to provide the best service!

  • Asin: B07HP44L1F
  • Color: Cream
  • Brand: Norjews Upala
  • UPC: 013051477479
  • Size: 4x6"
  • Manufacturer: Norjews

6Pack Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads without Ink-Touch,Safe Print Kit for Baby and Pets 3 Large Ink Pads+ 6 Imprint Cards, Black

6Pack Handprint and Footprint Ink Pads without Ink-Touch,Safe

Note: Print Paper is not included in the package. Use regular office letter size paper and cut to fit your need.Features:Mark the arrival of a new baby with a Baby Footprint & Handprint No-Mess Ink Pad specially created so that parents can capture and hold onto those first magic moments with their newborn.With the Baby Footprint, you're not just giving a special keepsake; you're giving a special experience. Imagine the joy mom and dad will have watching baby's reaction as his or her precious toes and fingers are pressed gently into the cool ink.It's a must-have memento that's sure to be cherished by parents and baby alike. Granted, baby won't appreciate it at the time, but years on he or she is sure to feel sentimental at the thought of ever having been that small! It truly is a gift that keeps on giving.Product dimensions: outer: 12.5*8cm/4.92*3.15"; inner: 9.5* 5.7cm/3.74*2.24"  Package includes:6 x Baby Footprint & Handprint Ink Pad

  • Asin: B07D1KZJQ3
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Lwestine
  • UPC: 601715764784
  • Size: 4*2.7*0.3inches
  • Manufacturer: L-Westine

Pearhead Babyprints Wall Frame, Rustic Nursery Decor, A Perfect Baby Shower Gift Idea for Expecting Parents, Distressed

Pearhead Babyprints Wall Frame, Rustic Nursery Decor, A

Pearhead Babyprints ‘My Little Prints’ Keepsake Frame helps you create a customized keepsake that you'll adore year after year. With Pearhead Babyprints “My Little Print’ Keepsake Frame, you'll capture an impression of your baby's handprint and footprint to proudly display. This baby foot and handprint kit boasts a rustic distressed finish and silver lettering that blends seamlessly with any nursery décor, baby pictures, and other baby stuff. This is a lovely frame for baby. This creative keepsake is simple to use. You get a non-toxic, no-mess ink kit that comes with imprints cards, to make the best impression. The baby handprint inkpad is mess-free and never touches baby’s skin. Tips and tricks: for best impressions make sure baby is fed, changed, and calm. Flatten baby's hand or foot and press onto the ink with imprint underneath. Instantly, you have a unique baby decoration of your baby’s tiny prints. Not sure what to get that mother-to-be for her upcoming baby shower? This baby picture frame with footprint and handprint makes a thoughtful baby shower gift, baptism gift, or christening gift. Can also be used as baby shower decor. Ideal for your own baby gift registry, too! This infant keepsake baby frame is perfect for a baby boy or baby girl. At Pearhead, we aim to create genuine, quality products to celebrate your special moments in life. We are a family of designers, marketers, and trendsetters bringing products to life that will bring a smile to your face. From concept and design to production and customer service, the Pearhead team works together seamlessly every step of the way. Whether your baby is celebrating their first year of life, you are announcing your pregnancy, or your pup is celebrating his first holiday season, Pearhead is here to share...

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  • Color: Distressed
  • Brand: Pearhead
  • UPC: 698904890249
  • Manufacturer: Pearhead