Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker- 4G LTE Mini Real Time GPS Tracking Device for Cars, Vehicles, Kids, Spouses, Seniors, Equipment, Valuables

Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker- 4G

It doesn't get much easier than this to track people, cars or property in real time. The STI GL300 Real-Time GPS Tracker monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and goes anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates. Whether you're watching the movements of a spouse or partner when you're not around, guarding expensive items against theft, or monitoring your delivery drivers' routes, the GL300 gives you the reliable, real-time tracking performance you need. At only 2 inches long, the GL300 is very compact, so it fits easily into a pocket, purse or bag. The device works great for tracking vehicles, and with the addition of a magnetic, waterproof case can be placed underneath a car where it won't be seen. Once the device is in place on the target (person, vehicle or property), its location and movement can be tracked from anywhere on a phone, tablet or computer. The SpyTec GPS tracking website lets you monitor the device with ease. For example, you can set up special alerts so you'll be notified by text or email when the tracker arrives at a certain place. The tracker's geo-fence function allows you to set up a perimeter on the map and get alerted when the target enters or leaves that area. You can also store up to a year of historical tracking data and even get custom reports summarizing the data you've gathered. Wherever the device goes, you can be sure that you'll get an exact read on its location. Thanks to advanced satellite technology, you will know precisely where your target is, to within 15 feet. With a battery life that lasts up to 2 weeks, the GL300 does not need constant recharging. A 6-month extended battery pack is also available when you require an even longer battery life. For easy, accurate tracking, the GL300 is a top-of-the-line device that...

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Spy Tec
  • UPC: 657040622992
  • Manufacturer: Spy Tec

TKSTAR Hidden Vehicles GPS Tracker, Waterproof Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker Anti Theft Alarm Car Tracking Device Strong Magnet For Motorcycle Trucks Support Android and IOS TK905

TKSTAR Hidden Vehicles GPS Tracker, Waterproof Real Time

we have excellent customer service.If you have any questions, please send us an email. TKSTAR GPS tracker is perfect for vehicle fleet management, cars,truck or anything else you'd like to track.  Whether it's your parents go travel alone, a new teenage driver, TKSTAR GPS Tracker will provide location updates as often as every 10 seconds or 15 seconds. 【History Track Memory】: Display 90 days historical route. You can choose to view LBS location data or GPS location data. 【Vibration alert】Built-in vibration sensor, if your car vibrates, you will receive SMS alert. 【Overspeed Alarm】: When the vehicle is out of the set speed, the GPS tracker will send the & overspeed alarm message to the phone. Remind you and your family to drive safely. 【Low Power Smart Alarm】: intelligent power management and low power sleep. Waterproof, dustproof. Warm tip: Not include SIM:Our device only support GSM(2G) network,Pls buy a GSM(2G) SIM or a SIM Who support 2G and 3G insert to the gps tracker,T mobile and SpeedTalk support GSM(2G) network. ATTENTION ,please don't buy less than $2.75 card, according to our test and customer feedback that less than $2.75 card network signal poor Specifications: Network: GSM/GPRS(2G) GPS accuracy: 16-32 ft  LBS accuracy:328-3280ft Working Time:3 Week Standby Time:about 90 days  Size: 90 x 72 x 22mm(3.54"-2.83"-0.87")> Quick guide  1.After you insert the SIM card to the device, then pls use your phone call the SIM card number, you will receive a Google SMS location link. 2.If the App shows:Not enable, you need to set APN to let our APP work. Just send 2 Message to the device SIM Gprs123456 Apn123456 mobilenet 3.IF the App Shows:offline You just need use phone call the device SIM, The device will work again.

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  • Manufacturer: JUNEO

LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicle, Personal and Asset Tracking. SIM Included. Monthly Subscription Required

LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G

Real-time tracking, across any device you own! Developed and manufactured in the USA by LandAirSea, a leader in consumer and enterprise GPS tracking gear since 1994, the 54 allows you to track your loved ones and valuables when you aren't around. Whether it's your child coming home from school, a suspicious spouse, a teenage driver or valuable company assets, the 54 keeps you up to date in real time. Since the 54 provides location updates as often as every 3 seconds, you can easily track fast-moving people, assets and vehicles. Additionally, the included LandAirSea SilverCloud software allows you to set geographic boundaries around locations (Geofencing) and be notified when someone or something moves outside these areas. For example, you can create a geofence around your child's walk home from school so you can be notified of any unexpected stops. You can also geofence your neighborhood alerting you the moment a loved one leaves or is arriving home. You can geofence your elderly mother's home so you can be notified when she wanders too far away. To enhance battery life and tracking accuracy, the 54 features a built-in accelerometer which detects motion and powers the device on/off depending on whether the tracker is moving. Whatever your tracking need, the innovative LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker has the features you need to keep your loved ones safe and yourself informed, all at an unbeatable price.

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  • Manufacturer: LandAirSea Systems

PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time - 4G LTE - with SOS Button - Locator Tracking Device - for Seniors, Kids, Cars, Vehicle, Bicycles, Spy Tracking, Travel

PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable, Track

The Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker is perfect for vehicles, loved ones, pets, children, elderly relatives or anything else you'd like to track. We have developed this tool to help you keep your loved ones and valuable personal items safe. Stay connected with a long battery life for up to two weeks without charging. You can rest easy knowing that if you're using the tracker to track people, property or pets, Prime Tracking personal GPS tracker will last for weeks at a time. Whether it's your child coming home from school, a new teenage driver, or a senior taking public transportation, you can be assured that Prime Tracking will provide location updates as often as every ten seconds. This makes it easy to track moving people, vehicles, and important assets with accuracy and precision.

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  • Size: 2019
  • Manufacturer: PrimeTracking LLC

GPS Tracker Vyncs No Monthly Fee OBD, Real Time 3G Car GPS Tracking Trips Free 1 Year Data Plan Teen Unsafe Driving Alert Engine Data Fleet Monitoring Fuel Report Optional Roadside (Black, 2.56)

GPS Tracker Vyncs No Monthly Fee OBD, Real

Vyncs gps tracker makes owning and driving a car safer, smarter, and a lot less expensive. Plug this CERTIFIED 3G wireless Vyncs Link (SIM card included) into the OBD-II port of your car (post 1996), create an account, and you are good to go. BUY ONLY FROM AGNIK (MANUFACTURER) FOR VALID WARRANTY. NO MONTHLY FEE. Price includes device, 1 year of service & data. $29.99 one-time activation fee. USD 77.98 renewal fee for the second year. 1 year 24/7 Service and 3G data plan throughout US, Mexico, and Canada. REALTIME GPS tracking. Every 3 minutes GPS update included. Upgrades: 60 sec ($30/year), 30 sec ($80/year), 15 sec ($129/year)1 year data history Also check out VyncsPremium (Vyncs + roadside assistance in USA/Canada), VyncsPro ( Vyncs + 60 seconds GPS + live map), VyncsFleet (for more than 5 vehicles + fleet features), and VyncsMo in Amazon Car OBD tracker. Device size: 65 x 44 x 24 mm GEOFENCE Zone departure/arrival notifications Optional Roadside Assistance (e.g. free towing and a lot more) in USA Assistance for stolen vehicle recovery OBD-II diagnostics. Fault code, check engine light, battery health Fuel economy, fuel level reporting Check if fail/pass emission test Vehicle maintenance reminders Recall notifications Driver speeding/braking/rapid acceleration and safety scoring Feedback about unsafe driving. Keep teen drivers safe Web Account. Android/iOS apps to browse data from phones on any wireless carrier (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile ) Powered by Agnik's patented connected car technology. Winner of: 2016 Fleet Logistics Tech Outlook Top-10 Fleet Management Solution Provider, CIO Review 2015 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech. Providers, 2010 Frost and Sullivan Enabling Technology of the Year Award.

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Vyncs
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  • Manufacturer: Agnik

GPS Tracker for Vehicles - MOTOsafety 4G Real Time OBD Tracking Device for Kids & Cars & Vehicle Monitoring System

GPS Tracker for Vehicles - MOTOsafety 4G Real

MOTOsafety is a real time, 3G GPS tracker that helps improve driving for teenagers, senior drivers, or anyone who wants to encourage safe driving. Monitor your teen's vehicle location & driving behavior in real time with 100% accuracy using Google Maps. Developed with the input of driving instructors and law-enforcement, MOTOsafety gives parents peace of mind while coaching their teen driver to be safer. Installation: MOTOsafety's OBD GPS tracker simply plugs under the dashboard into the OBD II port of any car or truck manufactured after 1996. With real time vehicle tracking, parents can monitor vehicle location, speed, & direction on Google Maps and receive email/text message alerts based on teen driving habits. Additionally, the comprehensive teen driver education course, with driving report cards, makes it easy to encourage better habits with your teen driver. GPS tracking service ($19.99/month with no contracts); includes manufacturer's limited lifetime device warranty on GPS tracker. No contracts or cancellation fees Only operates in the United States. Start tracking now!

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  • Color: OBD Tracker
  • Brand: MotoSafety
  • UPC: 713757448109
  • Manufacturer: MOTOsafety

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Case

GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin

Its small size (3in x 1.5in x 1in) makes the GPS Tracker very portable. An internal motion sensor will help maximize battery charge when not in use by entering in standby mode. Follow the units track minute by minute (upgradable) on the user friendly tracking website with Google Maps. Receive alerts to pre-defined SMS numbers and email addresses when the central button on the tracker has been pressed. Get alerts from the GPS Tracker for speeding, entering or leaving predefined areas or when the tracker's battery charge is low. Works great for tracking: Cars, trucks, elderly, children and assets.Service Price: $19.95/Month. Credit/Debit Card. SIM Card and Data Plan are included.Service coverage limited to work only in the USA.How It Works:.First the Tracking unit receives a GPS signal from the sky, this signal can go through plastics, fabrics, under a car seat, in the glove compartment, even under a car. Testing your tracker is the best way to find out where it will work best for you.Next, a second signal is sent from The Tracking unit to our servers; using Cellular Phone Company networks for real time tracking. When no cellular signal is available the Tracking Unit will save the track in its memory until it regains signal. Battery charge may last about 1 week depending on use and report frequency.And last, you will access all this information through the GPS tracking website with Google Maps and tracking tools when you want..Sometimes you may get a drift on the map position if the Tracking Unit is placed in a much concealed location or indoors.Please be aware that the signal will not work if the Tracker is totally enclosed in metal or inside buildings.Note that more frequent position report updates will use battery charge more quickly.Magnetic: Strong Neodymium (NdFeB) ...

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  • Brand: Optimus Tracker
  • Manufacturer: Optimus GPS Tracking

Bouncie - Connected Car - OBD2 Adapter - Location Tracking, Driving Habits, Alerts, Geo-Fence, Diagnostics - Family or Fleets - Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT

Bouncie - Connected Car - OBD2 Adapter -

Bouncie is a 3G vehicle tracking and connected car device that upgrades any vehicle into a smart car in under 5 minutes with no tools or wires required. For just $8/month you get: Location - Bouncie updates the vehicle's location while driving then records it's location when it's parked. Habits - Real-time driving insights. With notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, and more, better decisions can be made while on the road. Speed Bands - Speed Bands display your drive in color. Bouncie will uniquely color your drive for each speed range you setup! Vehicle Health Manage the little things before they become big problems. Bouncie monitors your vehicle's health and alerts you when something needs your attention. Geo-Circles It's now easy to stay updated when vehicles arrive or when they leave, using Geo-Circle you can drop a circle anywhere; home, school, a friend's house, the mall! Multiple Logins Share the 'keys' to Bouncie with anyone! Access to the app can be enabled for others so they can stay connected to your vehicles. There is no limit on sharing!

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  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Bouncie
  • Manufacturer: Tail Light, LLC

Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device with Software (2 Month Battery) - Car GPS Tracker - Amazing!

Hidden Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracking Device with Software

Our Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracker and GPS Tracking service are amazing tools to gather data about employees, loved ones, or simply to keep track of your assets. Our standard service works seamlessly in over 140 countries! On average the device will last from 6 - 8 weeks per charge. Other Vehicle Tracking Devices in the market generally last about 2 weeks! Installation is EASY! 1st, make sure you have activated your device by registering your GPS Tracking Device on our website. Then simple login to your account, slap the Magnetic GPS Tracking device onto a flat metal surface and start tracking! The device comes with a SIM card pre-installed. We try to make this solution as turn key as possible. The software system can give you e-mail or text notifications whenever certain events are triggered. For instance if the vehicle travels outside of a certain area (Geo-Fence) the system can send you a text or e-mail message. You can also use Global-View's unique TIME MACHINE feature, this essentially lets you re-play an entire trip or trips that the device has deteced. You can receive alerts when the vehicle goes over a certain speed to keep track of employees, teenage drivers, or elderly parents. These are just a few of the many capabilities. Our Vehicle Tracking Devices and Car Tracking System can also be used as an anti-theft tracker. Best of all, we offer U.S. based technical support. We have 4 channels of communication, our web chat support, e-mail, text, or phone calls. In summary, our device and service are excellent options for business owners with a fleet of vehicles they need to monitor, concerned family members who want to keep track of loved ones, or individuals who want to know where there are assets are at all time. If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We ...

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  • Color: 2 Month Battery
  • Brand: Global-View.Net
  • Manufacturer: Global-View.Net

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker - Portable Mini Hidden Real-Time GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles, Cars, Kids, Persons, Assets w/Geo-Fencing, Text/Email/Push Alerts, 14 Day Battery

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker - Portable Mini

AMCREST MODEL : AM-GL300W-4G Monthly GPS Subscription Plans : $19.99 for 60-sec updates $24.99 for 30-sec updates $29.99 for 15-sec updates $34.99 for 5-sec updates 4G GPS FEATURES : Windows and MAC desktop web-access (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox) or through the Amcrest GPS smartphone app (iOS/Android). The user interface allows you to easily monitor activity, manage alerts and generate custom reports. Create links and share them with your friends, family and co-workers to keep track of cars, children, seniors and assets. GSM: 900/1800 Mhz. Receive text, push and email notifications directly to your smartphone or PC with the Amcrest GPS app and desktop web-access client. Intelligent Battery Alerts notify you when the battery is low. Reports whether the GPS Device is Powered On & Off. SOS Alarm feature used by pressing the Function button. IPX5 Weather Resistant. Comes with extended 2600mah battery which lasts up to 10-14+ days on a full charge with 60sec updates (7-8 days with 30sec updates, 4-5 days with 15sec updates, and 2-3 days with 5sec updates). Utilizes Google Maps for tracking and mapping.GPS Tracker is limited to 4G and will only work in areas where there is 4G coverage.Charging Voltage: 5V DC. Operating Temperature: -4°F ~ +131°F (-20°C ~ +55°C). GPS Dimensions: 3 x 1.5 x 1 inches.GPS Weight: 0.22 lbs. PACKAGE INCLUDES : 1 x Amcrest 4G GPS Tracker with Pre-installed SIM Card (AM-GL300W-4G) 1 x Mini USB 5V AC Power Adapter Quick Start Guide IMPORTANT - This device is configured to work in the US, Canada and Mexico only. If you plan to use the device internationally (outside North America), please contact us at [email protected] to enable this feature BEFORE the device leaves North America.

  • Asin: B07P87SZMJ
  • Brand: Amcrest
  • UPC: 854088008669
  • Manufacturer: Amcrest