CoolDigital OBD2 Scanner Code Reader OBDII Scan Tool USB WiFi Adapter Auto Check Engine Light Car Diagnostic iOS Android

CoolDigital OBD2 Scanner Code Reader OBDII Scan Tool

Check engine light on? Need to read the code? Need to clear your check engine light? Heading for emissions testing and need to make sure you'll pass? Want to check the status of sensors when the CEL light came on? Want to make sure O2 sensors are working properly? Need to check your air/fuel ratio? All this and more is at your fingertips with this CoolDigital OBD2 scanner! How to install? 1.Download and launch your OBD App(Free may apply) Use the following link to find the software you need and get instruction for use: Or you could search these APP on Apple store or Google play.1. 2.Plug this scanner in the OBDII port. 3.Turn on the ignition key of your vehicle. The power led light will turns red indicate its power is on 4.Enable wifi on your phone or tablet and connect "WIFI_ OBDII" created by the scanner Display Current Sensor Data 1.Engine RPM 2.Calculated Load Value 3.Coolant Temperature 4.Fuel System Status 5.Vehicle Speed 6.Short Term & Long Term Fuel Trim 7.Intake Manifold Pressure 8.Timing lights 9.Timing advance 10.Intake Air Temperature 11.Air Flow Rate 12.Absolute Throttle Position 13.Fuel Pressure. 14.Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims Many more data are waiting for you OBDII USB&WIFI Car Code Reader Specifications: Communication: USB Interface+ WIFI(2 channels, choose as you wish) Master Chip: ST Driver IC: PL2303 Size: 45mm * 25mm * 75mm(Cable Length 1.5M)

  • Asin: B07H77T3QF
  • Color: OBD2 Scanner USB+WIFI
  • Brand: CoolDigital
  • Manufacturer: CoolDigital