M-D Building Products 87668 18-Feet Universal Aluminum and Rubber Garage Door Bottom, Black

M-D Building Products 87668 18-Feet Universal Aluminum and

Highlights: Length : 18' Finish : Black Aluminum & rubber Universal Low temperature seal closes gaps up to 3/4" at bottom of garage door to seal out air, moisture and dust. Stays flexible to -30 degrees Fahrenheit Seal insert is held in place with a sturdy aluminum extrusion fastened to bottom of door with screws (included)

  • Asin: B0006VAM1K
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: M-D Building Products
  • UPC: 732454076682
  • Size: N/A
  • Manufacturer: M-D Building Products

Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls, 1/8-Inch x 4 x 6-Feet, Black

Rubber-Cal Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Rolls, 1/8-Inch x

The ³Diamond-Plate² is designed after the classic metal diamond-pattern design. This is a regular pattern of raised diamonds that imbue the industrial aesthetic. Our rubber floor mats are made to floor and protect surfaces just like their metallic forefathers. But with rubber runners, the end-user has the benefits of a forgiving surface that will absorb impact and shock at ultra-affordable costs. Rubber protector mats help safeguard floors and the equipment on top of the floors. Unlike metal, rubber matting will not ding, dent or permanently damage either the floors or the equipment when materials are dropped onto it. Used on stairs and catwalks in industrial settings, the added texture reduces the risk of slipping. For this reason ³Diamond-Plate² rubber floor mats are frequently used on the interior of vehicles or trailers. The ease of installation makes this product an even more popular choice amongst cost-conscious consumers, since the use of adhesives and installers is not needed. This rubber matting is made from 100% synthetic rubber and that allows it to be used in outdoor walkways without worry. Being offered in 8 varied lengths minimizes product loss (due to cutting) and installation costs. Buy one of these rubber floor mats for their superior functionality and enjoy the classic industrial design for years to come.

  • Asin: B005SUIX4W
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rubber-Cal
  • UPC: 845605034438
  • Size: 1/8-Inch x 4 x 6-Feet
  • Manufacturer: Rubber-Cal

Guardian DH-PB-2 Heavy Duty Rubber Parking Curb-72"Long

Guardian DH-PB-2 Heavy Duty Rubber Parking

This 6' long heavy-duty rubber parking curb is designed to help define parking spots and to prevent cars from damaging walls, landscaping, sidewalks or other cars. The highly visible parking stop is resistant to extreme temperatures, UV light, oil, gas, and moisture, so it can be used indoors or outdoors without worry. A flexible rubber construction conforms to uneven surfaces and the stop can be used temporarily or permanently on concrete or asphalt surfaces. This rubber car stop won't chip, crack, crumble, or corrode like concrete curbs.

  • Asin: B008EM5RQI
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Guardian
  • UPC: 847821003045
  • Size: 72" x 5.86" x 4"
  • Manufacturer: Guardian

BOWSEN Garage Door Seals Bottom Rubber Weatherproof Threshold Buffering Replacement Black 1/4 Inch T-End,10ft Long

BOWSEN Garage Door Seals Bottom Rubber Weatherproof Threshold

This is BOWSEN brand garage door bottom weatherproofing seals, Have Applied U.S. Design Patent. Protect your vehicles and valuables with our Garage Door Threshold Seal. These easy-installing, streamlined garage door seals lock in heat during the winter and cool air during the summer. Door guards create a barrier of protection against water, leaves, dirt, and snow Saves energy in heated garages Weather stripping is normally added as a sealing measure to the edge of the door where it is most common to find gaps at. In addition, it will eliminate any rain water from coming inside and possibly cause damage to your belongings stored in the garage.

  • Asin: B01IJ9HAQ0
  • Color: 1/4 Inch T-Channel End
  • Brand: BOWSEN
  • UPC: 766008969823
  • Size: 10FT
  • Manufacturer: BOWSEN LTD

CLIMATEX Dimex Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mat, 36" X 6', Black (9G-018-36C-6)

CLIMATEX Dimex Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mat, 36" X

From slick rain boots to muddy paws, protect your floors and create a safe walking surface with Dimex ClimaTex Indoor/Outdoor Rubber Scraper Mats. Designed with corrugated ridges to trap mud and dirt - your flooring is protected while offering traction for walking on what could have otherwise been a slippery surface. Crafted with a proprietary blend of rubber material, this commercial grade 36 inch x 6 foot black rubber scraper mat is built to withstand frequent use and most weather conditions without deteriorating. Suitable for both commercial and residential use - collect dirt and mud from shoes in breezeways, mudrooms, and office entrances. Provide a non-slip surface in garages and industrial flooring. Place outside your patio doorway to collect dirt from shoes and paws before they enter your home. When the mat is dirty, simply spray with a hose to clean. With quality, durability, and safety in mind – the Dimex ClimaTex Rubber Scraper Mats have your floors covered.

  • Asin: B01MDQRQO1
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: CLIMATEX
  • UPC: 751315700115
  • Size: 36" x 6'
  • Manufacturer: Dimex

Garage Exhaust Flare-Lok Rubber Duct Hose, Black, 2.5" ID, 11' Length

Garage Exhaust Flare-Lok Rubber Duct Hose, Black, 2.5"

The Flexaust Flare-Lok rubber duct hose, used for garage and vehicle fume exhaust applications, is a lightweight black rubber hose; it resists gasoline, oil, fumes, carbon monoxide, heat, and aging, and is flexible for easy installation. This duct hose immediately returns to its original shape after being crushed, although it has no wire or metal reinforcement. A temperature range of 0 to 375 degrees F makes it suitable for applications such as engine fume exhaust. This duct hose has a flared end for easy connection and splicing of multiple lengths of the same size hose. Duct hoses are flexible or rigid tubes that convey gases, liquids, and lightweight bulk materials from one location to another. They are made from an array of materials that range from polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber, to PVC and aluminum-coated fiberglass fabric, and are typically reinforced with a steel wire or rigid plastic helix, also known as a “spiral.” Duct hoses are secured with hose clamps or U-bolts, and two pieces of hose are joined with a hose connector. Common applications for duct hoses include heating and cooling, ventilation, fume and smoke exhaust, vacuum cleaning, moving chips and shavings, handling bulk packing materials, and water and waste discharge. Flexaust manufactures flexible hose, metal ducting, and accessories for industrial and commercial applications. The company, founded in 1938 and headquartered in San Diego, CA, is part of the international Schauenburg Group.

  • Asin: B0053I8QS2
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Flexaust
  • Manufacturer: Flexaust

LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 54 inches Non Scratch Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (Grey)

LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper

One Broom that can clean your entire house effortlessly! Floors Sweeping & Scrubbing, Carpets Cleaning, Water Wiping and even Car Washing. This durable NO ash and hair sticking rubber bristle broom is the best cleaning tool for you to do all the daily cleaning. 【Performances between LandHope Rubber Broom and other brooms】 Normal Besom: Little and lightweight dust like powder, ash and pet hair are hard to be collected. They flying everywhere while sweeping them. LandHope Rubber Broom: Easily collect all the tiny dust on the floor that you even never noticed. Nothing will fly in the air while sweeping. Normal Push Broom: Bristle brush may branch off and be stuck with hairs after several times of use. Hard bristle might produce scratch on hardwood floors and windows during cleaning. LandHope Rubber Broom: Hair will never stick to the rubber bristle and dust can be easily washed off by water. The premium rubber will stay in shape like new even after long times of use. Soft bristles protect the surface of floors, carpets and windows while scrubbing. Vacuum: Heavy and need electric to use. LandHope Rubber Broom: Pick up dust and hair from carpet as great as a vacuum. When picking up long hair from carpet it performance even better than vacuum. No electric or wire needed, clean carpets at any fragmented time. Quality WarrantyIf you experience an issue with LandHope product, get in touch with us to repair or replace it. We're grateful for the opportunity to learn from your experience, and we'll make it better.

  • Asin: B0758C3H78
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: LandHope
  • UPC: 698775055754
  • Size: Grey

casa pura Rubber Floor Mat - Anti Slip | Suitable as Garage Floor Mat, Horse Stall Mat or Workbench Mat | Many Sizes to Choose from | Plain Rubber Sheet | 1/8" Thick - 48" x 10'

casa pura Rubber Floor Mat - Anti Slip

High-Quality, Durable SBR Rubber Mats from casa pura! Made from 100% non- recycled styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), the casa pura rubber flooring roll does not contain any recycled rubbers- ensuringa high oil and chemical resistance that prevents degradation from common oils and grease. First produced in 1929, SBR rubber is one of the most important rubbers on the market. Comprising about 50% of the world's synthetic rubberproduction it has proven its tremendous abrasion, temperature resistance and longevity a thousand times over. You'll find SBR rubber sheeting used in some form in every home and industry. Due to its great strength and abrasion resistance the material makesfor reliable rubber mats for floors such as garage floor mat for under cars With a high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation, this floor covering isexcellent in agricultural industries, eg rubber flooring as a horse stall mat or kennel flooring to provide heat insulation and comfort. Whether for use at home, the workplace or in your car these versatile and extremely durable rubber floor mats will fulfill every purpose and more. Common Applications: Rubber gym flooring- treadmill mats Rubber mats for garage floor/ motorcycle mat Horse mats for stalls Trailer flooring Shed floor covering Rubber workbench mat Gasket material Key features: Material: 100% SBR Tensile strength according to DIN 53504: 4 MPa Elongation at break according to DIN 53504: 180% Hardness ° Shore A +/- 5 ° according to DIN 53519: 65 Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +69 ° C Tear-proof, non-slip Resistant to weather & Grease Easily cut to size. Easy to clean Suitable as rubber mats outdoor or indoor This is the floor protection you've been looking for, get it today.

  • Asin: B07GJRY819
  • Color: Plain Rubber Sheet
  • Brand: casa pura
  • Size: 48" x 10' - 1/8" Thick
  • Manufacturer: casa pura

BOWSEN 20FT Heavy-Duty U+O Ring Shape Universal Garage Door Bottom Seals Rubber with Aluminum Track Retainer Base Kit

BOWSEN 20FT Heavy-Duty U+O Ring Shape Universal Garage

Garage Door Weather Seal Specialty Retainer Why Are Weather Seals Important? Our garage door weather seals will reduce energy bills while protecting the contents of your garage from costly invasions of dust, dirt, rain or flooding. These easy-to-install garage door bottom seals will block cold and hot drafts that can drive up your energy bills at your home or business. Keep your home in great condition and keep your heating/cooling expenses to a minimum with Garage Door Bottom EPDM "T" Rubber Seals. Made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber, excellent for extreme temperature conditions (-40° - 240°F). PRODUCT HIGHLIGTS Garage Door Bottom EPDM "T" Rubber Seals Made of durable, black EPDM synthetic rubber Excellent for extreme temperature conditions (-40° ~240°F) Include a 5/16" "T" seal to fit the T-style bottom retainers cut with a saw for your door length, and DIY yourself in 1 hour for the wood/Steel garage door. Ability to install on all types and makes of garage doors. Flexible rubber will conform to uneven floors. Stays flexible to a temperature of minus 40-degrees Fahrenheit. It is a universal aluminum and vinyl seal. Seal insert is held in place with a sturdy aluminum extrusion fastened to bottom of door with screws (included.) When you order, you will receive a 20 foot kit of aluminum with 6 each at 40inches, You will also receive the weather seal in a 20 foot kit with one each.

  • Asin: B07Q6PNJMT
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: BOWSEN
  • Size: 20 FT
  • Manufacturer: BOWSEN LTD

AMMEX Industrial Black Nitrile 5 Mil Disposable Gloves - Latex Free, Textured, Powder Free, Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, XLarge, Box of 100

AMMEX Industrial Black Nitrile 5 Mil Disposable Gloves

Pros know how important it is to have the right gear for the job. You’d never settle for second rate when it comes to your toolbox—so why take chances with your safety and comfort? Reach for the disposable gloves that always meet your demands: AMMEX Glove works Black Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves. More than 50 percent thicker than standard nitrile gloves, they’re durable—you won’t have to change them as often over the course of a shift—and strong: Nitrile has three times the puncture resistance of latex. It’s also nearly as elastic as latex, which means a terrific fit every time. AMMEX Glove works Black Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves are 5 mil thick in the palm with 6-mil fingertips, so they’re a great companion for tools and machinery. They provide barrier protection from common chemicals like carburetor cleaner, and specialty chemicals like brake fluid. The surface is micro-roughened and the fingertips are textured for gripping power, even when the gloves are wet. The interior is polymer coated for easy donning and doffing, which eliminates the need for powder—and that eliminates worries about messy residue. AMMEX Glove works Black Nitrile Powder Free Industrial Gloves are popular in a number of industries, especially automotive, Jan/san, safety, and applications involving chemicals. Black is the hottest choice on the market for a cool look, and it hides dirt, grease, and grime, too. The gloves are latex-free and available in an extended size range, from small to XXL, and sold 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case. They’re made from component materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact. As a pro, you need to believe in your tools. Disposable gloves are no exception. Make sure your gear has you covered, starting with A...

  • Asin: B0714KMFXJ
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Ammex
  • UPC: 697383970886
  • Size: XL
  • Manufacturer: AMMEX