Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper, White, 5 Count

Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper, White, 5

NOTE: This is an assorted product; color and print advertised are subjected to vary.Gerber premium prefold heavyweight gauze diapers are made from heavy, tightly twisted yarns, woven in a fashion that provides an exceptionally durable diaper. 100% cotton diaper. Many uses: cloth diaper, burp cloth, lap pad, cleaning cloth, changing pad. Comfortable, recyclable and reusable. 5 count white assortment. Great for giving as a gift.

  • Asin: B007VBYVXI
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Gerber
  • UPC: 047213648117
  • Size: One Size
  • Manufacturer: Gerber

Gerber 10-Pack Cloth Diaper Prefold Premium 6-ply with Absorbent Padding

Gerber 10-Pack Cloth Diaper Prefold Premium 6-ply with

  • Asin: B005D7GAGS
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Gerber
  • UPC: 701248359461
  • Manufacturer: Gerber

Basil the Blue Cloth Diaper Cover One Size with Gussets Fits Newborns and Toddler-proof Comes with a Free 4-layer Bamboo Charcoal Snap-in Insert, My Little Blue Jeans

Basil the Blue Cloth Diaper Cover One Size

No Rashes Bamboo Charcoal is naturally Stay-Dry, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This means you don't need too expose you little one's bum to any extra chemicals to keep it rash free. The bamboo charcoal keeps moisture away from your baby and won't let bacteria breed either. So your baby stays rash-free as diaper rash occurs mostly due to dampness in the area causing bacteria to accumulate. Naturally thermal regulating means if it's warm, it keeps cool and if it's cold, it can keeps warm keeping your little one comfy. Also naturally deodorizing keeps smells at bay and the natural color means no need for bleaching, stripping or sun drying to get rid of stains. Less Laundry The 2 piece design (insert with waterproof cover) allows the covers to be reused several times instead of changing both the insert and the diaper cover at each changing. This allows for savings in money (fewer components need to be purchased) as well as time (easier to separate and wash) and weight (fewer components need to be lugged around in a diaper bag).You can get 2-3 inserts before you have to change the diaper cover. Now, that's 3 times more savings! One size Fits baby from 6-35+ lbs with 5 different size settings to fit your baby like a dream from birth to potty training. Snaps are both more secure and longer lasting than Velcro and do not deteriorate in the wash like Velcro does. Also the different snap options allow you to customize the fit to your baby, bigger waist, smaller height etc. to keep up with the rapid growth of your little one. No Leaks The cover is made of completely waterproof PUL with hips snaps and double leg gusset for an extra snug fit and leak protection. The hip snaps prevent wing drop and the leg gussets offer added leak protection to keep everything in. The insert snaps ...

  • Asin: B00W8LNVT6
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Basil the Blue Elephant
  • UPC: 659843191057
  • Size: One Size
  • Manufacturer: Basil the Blue Elephant

Birdseyes Flat Cloth Diapers 27x27 (3-pack)

Birdseyes Flat Cloth Diapers 27x27

100%cotton Soft & Lint-free Flat diapers are all 100% cotton and 1 layer thick. Our diapers are generally thicker, softer and more absorbent than other branded flat diapers typically found in chain stores. Soft, durable Birdseye weave material white color Birdseye prefold diapers are made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and quick drying. Made of 100% cotton fibers, naturally grown and naturally soft. Prefolded panels make it easier for mom to use. available in different packs; 1 pack is only 1 diaper, 3 pack is 3 diapers, 6 pack is 6 diapers, 12 pack is a dozen, 24 pack is 2 dozen, 36 pack is 3 dozen, 48 pack is 4 dozen, 60 pack is 5 dozen pack. Great for giving as a gift.

  • Asin: B00ROEUU82
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Birdseyes
  • Size: 3-pack

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners - Toddler Size 2 - Pack of 2 (Blue, Dayglo Yellow)

Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners - Toddler Size 2

Pack of 2 in TODDLER SIZE (yellow, blue) The Snappi® is a safer, more reliable, EASY to use fastener for cloth diapers that replaces the nasty diaper pins. The stretchable non-toxic Snappi® hooks into the diaper material to make a strong closure. They work best with diapers that have a loose enough weave for the Snappi® to hook into. (terry cloth diapers, cotton pre-folds, and others) They do not work well with flannel or other tightly woven diapers. The TODDLER SIZE is better suited for larger babies and young toddlers. It is longer across the top 'T' of the Snappi®. Once stretched correctly, the Snappi® fastener gives an additonal 4" stretch across the width than the Size 1 Snappi®. It comfortably fits up to a 30" waist. AGE RECOMMENDATION: Although this depends largely on the size and shape of the baby or toddler, we recommend using the Size 2 Snappi® for children aged 16 months+ WARNING: Do NOT use a Snappi® fastener on toddlers who have the ability to undo their cover and take off their diaper and/or clothes. How to use your Snappi®: To improve elasticity, stretch your Snappi® fastener a few times before use. Step 1: Hook left Step 2: Stretch across and hook right Step 3: Stretch down and hook center The Snappi® should go from a "T" shape to a "Y" shape when stretched properly. Warning: Always use a cover over a Snappi fastener. Keep out of children's reach when not in use. Do not use a Snappi fastener on toddlers that have the ability to undo or take off their cover/diaper/clothes. Do not use your Snappi for longer than 6 months. Not UV resistant - exposure to the sun can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi. CAUTION: Any tear in the Snappi can lead to separation of a piece, presenting a possible choking hazard. Inspect the Snappi befor...

  • Asin: B0076NYZBE
  • Brand: Snappi
  • UPC: 833915000267
  • Manufacturer: Snappi