DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation included

DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests).

If you have recently been worried about a mold issue or have had water damage, then you understand how troubling it can be to not know if you have a mold growth in your home. No one wants to deal with the stress of an unknown health issue and to make matters worse hiring a "Professional" can cost 4 to 5 hundred dollars. Put your mind at ease and use our test to be sure. Mold and the toxins they produce can be dangerous and they can also be hidden. Don't be fooled by instant check kits that only test for 3 different mold types. Our kit tests for all mold types. We include a guide to help you understand how to properly inspect your property for signs of mold and water damage. This is what sets our tests apart. Inspections are a very important and often overlooked aspect of mold testing. Without properly inspecting your property you could miss a huge issue and never know it. We strive to show you how to identify problems and how to use our mold test kit properly. Our product contains 3 tape lift samples(surface test), a quick start guide, and a mold inspection booklet. The tape lifts can be used to test surfaces that you suspect may be mold growth. The inspection booklet will tell you where to look for mold. Once you have collected the samples you will mail them to the lab (shipping to lab not included). Your mold samples will be sent to an experienced Lab that has processed more than 50,000 mold tests. The lab will analyze your samples and produce an illustrated data report that you will receive through email. All of the results are confidential and only you and the lab will see them unless you request otherwise. You can then reach out to us at your convenience for an expert consultation to help you understand the mold test results. In fact you can reach out to us during ...

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First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit

First Alert MT1 Mold Detection

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Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

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Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test

Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold

The best value in DIY mold testing and most sensitive. The ONLY test that also detects allergy-causing mold particulates. Why wait days or even weeks for a lab report that doesn't detect mold allergens. Get the facts before spending your hard-earned money on obsolete and antiquated "tape lift", "Petri dishes" or "air sampling" test kits. These old methods require the consumer to send a sample in. That's why the 5-Minute Mold Test is the one product that mail-back sampling kit vendors don't want you to know about. Uses EPA-recommended dust samples. No need to see the mold. If it's growing behind a wall, it's in your air and it's detectable in the dust. Tape lifts CAN'T see what's behind the wall, and should never be recommended for examining dust. Do your own testing quickly, easily and discreetly. The 5-Minute Mold Test detects the most worrisome mold spores AND mold particulates as determined by the US EPA. Uniquely, the 5-Minute Mold Test Kit includes specific antibody-based tests against more than 32 different Asp/Pen and mold types that cause discomforted and illness. Worried about you air quality? Test the settled dust in the room of concern or suspect areas of possible contamination. Uses the same proven lateral flow assay technology employed in medical labs. Validated in an EPA-licensed and AIHA-accredited al lab as the most sensitive and accurate rapid tests available and up to 100 times more sensitive than other tests. Provided are all the materials necessary for testing including 1 Asp/Pen and 1 rapid test, 1 All-in-One Collection Swab and instructions-for-use. Sample multiple areas together and test with one kit to survey whether you have a problem or order separate kits to test each area individually. A postage-paid mailer and sterile swabs for optional lab ...

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MoldCheck Mold Test Kit (10 Tests per Kit) multiple air sampling tests, simple visual comparison, locate mold source, easy to use, no lab fee

MoldCheck Mold Test Kit (10 Tests per Kit)

If you suspect that you have mold in your home, but can't find the source of the contamination, then this is the smartest most economical mold test kit offered in home mold testing and detection. This mold test and retest kit is designed to help you find the location of a source of hidden mold contamination in your home or office. This is a search kit. This type of kit does not identify the molds, it guides you to the mold source by showing what's in the air in each room. This whole house kit contains 10 tests designed to test many rooms or test and retest several suspect rooms. The vibrant visual mold colors and numbers of mold collected will allow you to compare and find the room with the most likely source of the mold contamination. The kit also contains a thoughtful-helpful mold investigation guide and a mold clean up guide. Each of the ten mold test films will support all the typical molds found growing on water-damaged wet building materials such as wood, sheetrock, insulation paper, glues and paints, etc. These molds include the black "toxic mold" Stachybotrys, and various Penicillium and Aspergillus and Cladosporum molds and other wet indicator mold species, which can cause illness. You simply open the film in each location and allow the air to settle on it for one hour. Add a drop of activating liquid and let it grow. The test develops each mold captured, in full color, at home for less than $4.99 per mold test. There are no lab fees with this kit. Other, one shot, mail-it-in lab test kits which offer to test a single air mold sample for $30-$40 are ineffective because they don't help you pinpoint the location of the highest mold count, which is the likeliest location of the moisture problem, damage and mold growth in your home or office. Once you locate the mo...

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DIY Mold Test Kit (3 Tests) FREE Expert Consultation and AIHA accredited Lab Analysis Included

DIY Mold Test Kit (3 Tests) FREE Expert

We are a professional AIHA accredited Lab that specializes in Mold analysis. It is easy, with our help you collect the surface samples yourself, and send to the lab. No additional fees are necessary. Lab provides a confidential report via your email address. Free consultation for helping you understand your report. Detailed instructions are provided. This is a surface only kit and is not for air testing.

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MOLDetect - 3 Sample Mold Test Kit W/ AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis

MOLDetect - 3 Sample Mold Test Kit W/

ONLY DIY TEST KIT ANALYZED BY AN ACCREDITED LABORATORY! This reliable DIY mold test kit helps to confirm or rule out indoor mold growth and identify the mold types present (including black/toxic mold--Stachybotrys). Using custom-made sticky tapes, the surface tape lift method is able to detect all spores. This method is more reliable than slower culture methods that require growth on culture media (culture media may or may not have proper nutrients for the relevant molds to grow). Samples are analyzed by highly trained Lab Professionals using direct microscopy. Results are sent back 2-3 days after receipt in the lab. An Information Booklet is also provided with potential health effects from the spores identified, how to prevent mold, cleaning tips, and additional resources. Excellent customer service.Please see website: If you don't see any visible mold you can collect dust from a horizontal surface that hasn't been recently dusted in the area of concern. To do this you take the tape lift and touch it and/or drag it on dust so that there is a visible deposit of dust on the tape window. The idea is that if there is a significant mold contamination issue the mold spores will typically become airborne and then settle on horizontal surfaces. We then analyze the dust sample and let you know if there are significant amounts of abnormal 'indicator' spores which typically are only found inside when there is a indoor mold contamination. One other place you can test to see if you have any abnormal mold in your home is the furnace filter (if you have central air). This is ideal because if there is significant mold in the home the spores will become airborne and eventually make their way through return air ducts and pass through the furnace filter. Testing the furnac...

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Safe Home STARTER-20 Water Quality Test Kit - (DIY Testing for 20 Different Contaminants: Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Mercury, Nitrates, Hex-Chrome, TDS, Zinc, Chlorine, Copper, pH, Iron & More)

Safe Home STARTER-20 Water Quality Test Kit -

*SAFE HOME STARTER series of test kits, provide you with contaminant testing, never before available in a DIY test kit. *You can screen any water supply, anywhere and at any time. At home or traveling abroad. *If one or more contaminants show danger levels through DIY Screening, we provide you with additional testing options. *You may choose from any number of our SAFE HOME test kits here on Amazon, that offer Confirmation Testing through our EPA Certified Laboratory. *Over 3-Million water tests sold - worldwide. When you buy from Safe Home, you are purchasing the very best value in accuracy and dependability for your family's drinking water safety.

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Safe Home LEAD in Drinking Water Test Kit - #1 Selling Kit for Testing Lead in CITY & WELL WATER - Two Samples Tested at Our EPA Certified Lab - Don't Guess...Test!

Safe Home LEAD in Drinking Water Test Kit

*SAFE HOME LEAD Laboratory Certified Testing for: TOTAL LEAD *Contains a set of water quality test vessels to allow you to test for Total Lead (Dissolved Lead & Solid Lead) in your Water Supply and from your Plumbing Fixtures. *Fill the vessels with your water sample, provide the requested information, place all items into the Free Return Mailer as directed and drop the mailer into your mailbox. *We send your lab report by email in 3 business business days after your sample is received at our laboratory. *Number of days for test completion do not include the days your sample is in transit to our lab, nor the date of sample receipt, nor weekends or holidays. *Once we receive your water sample, you will be notified by email of the date, when to expect your test results. *If you do not receive your emailed test results when promised, simply notify us in writing. Once this is confirmed, we send you another kit like the one you purchased,..Free! It's that simple! *Our certified laboratory testing provides the required accuracy to confirm if your water exceeds the Federal Maximum Contamination Limits set by the EPA for human consumption. *Includes one Free Do-It-Yourself, Bacteria in Water Test: Conduct this test yourself, in the comfort of your own home for Total Coliform and E. coli. *Over 3-Million water tests sold - worldwide. When you buy from Safe Home, you are purchasing the very best value in accuracy and dependability for your family's drinking water safety.

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10-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit by Baldwin Meadows - Water Quality Test for Well Water & Tap Water - IMPROVED SENSITIVITY detects low level ranges for Lead, Fluoride, Iron & Copper + MORE! 100 Count

10-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit by Baldwin Meadows

Baldwin Meadows has developed a way to test the water with an easy to use at-home water analysis test kit. Our 10-in-1 water testing strips help determine the quality of your water using the following parameters: Total Alkalinity pH Total Hardness Iron Copper Lead Nitrite Nitrate Residual Chlorine Fluoride What is in your drinking water? According to the EPA, 41 states have reported higher than acceptable levels of lead in drinking water. A 2016 Harvard study found industrial chemicals and pollutants linked with cancer, hormone disruption and other health problems in the drinking water of 33 states. Health problems associated with contaminated well water and municipal water: Cancer Reproductive Problems Neurological Disorders (particularly children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems) Gastrointestinal Illness Many more chronic diseases

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