Paint Stripper (Quart - 32oz) Super Remover New Generation

Paint Stripper (Quart - 32oz) Super Remover New

Super Remover NEW GENERATION is just as effective as our Original formula, but without Methylene Chloride, NMP or any other highly toxic chemicals. This revolutionary new stripper works the same way and is as effective as Methylene Chloride products.As effective as an industrial stripper, the Super Remover NEW GENERATION is ideal for all stripping jobs. It can remove up to 5 layers of paint in one application.

  • Asin: B07M8DGFQ4
  • Size: Quart - 32oz
  • Manufacturer: D SUPER REMOVER SINCE 1979

Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel

Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping

A powerful, industrial-strength remover but with a citrus scent, Citristrip Gel stays wet and active for up to 24 hours, allowing you to strip multiple layers in one step. It contains no methylene chloride (or No NMP), is non-caustic and ideal for indoor use. Use Citristrip's all-purpose stripping gel to remove multiple layers of latex and oil-based paint, varnish, lacquer, enamel, polyurethane, shellac, acrylics and epoxy from wood, metal and masonry surfaces.

  • Asin: B07LF8T6PM
  • Brand: Citristrip
  • UPC: 751664008016
  • Manufacturer: WM Barr

3M Paint and Rust Stripper Brush - 7771

3M Paint and Rust Stripper Brush -

3M Paint and Rust Stripper 7771NA 10 Brush Mandrels Hardware Department, Open Stock. Cleans rusty surfaces with a double-thick edge to strip quicker. Features Scotch-Brite abrasive web that won't rust or splinter like wire brushes. Conforms to surface contours, reduces gouging and leaves a smooth paintable surface. Fits all standard household drills: 1/4-Inch, 3/8-Inch and 1/2-Inch. Use as a rotary disc (on face) or as a brush (on edge).

  • Asin: B000BQT4UK
  • Color: _
  • Brand: 3M
  • UPC: 783961091828
  • Size: 4" Diameter
  • Manufacturer: 3M

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover, 1 Quart

Dumond Chemicals, Inc. 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint

Smart strip is a revolutionary paint remover that is safe for the user, any substrate and the environment. It is formulated without methylene chloride and is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and non-caustic. This water-based stripper will effectively remove up to 15 coats of virtually any coating like oil-based, water-based, acrylics, varnishes, urethanes even old lead paints from interior or exterior surface of wood, brick, stone, concrete, plaster, metal, plastic, glass, fiberglass, etc. Smart strip has zero VOCs, is odor free, user friendly, 100-Percent biodegradable and pH neutral. This is a water-based paste that is easily applied by brush, roller or conventional airless spray. Allow the paste to dwell on the coatings for 3 to 24 hours, depending on the number of coats and the type of coatings being removed. It is formulated to remain wet and effective over extended periods of time and does not require the use of Peel Away Paper. After appropriate dwell time, remove the paste and the softened/lifted paint using a scraper. Any remaining residue can be removed with a sponge and water or a power washer. There is no need to neutralize the stripped surface. Available in 1-quart can.

  • Asin: B001PCVKLK
  • Color: N/A
  • Brand: Dumond Chemicals
  • UPC: 027691033322
  • Size: Quart
  • Manufacturer: Paint Sundries Solutions

Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand Paint Remover - Non Toxic, Chemical-Free Paint Stripper - Sanding Stripping Blocks for Wood and Metal - Lift Off and Remove Paint and Rust From Furniture and DIY Projects

Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand Paint Remover -

Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand Paint Remover Blocks are lightweight sanding and paint stripping blocks made of a specially formulated sand baked into block form. They are used to lift off and remove latex, oil, acrylic, and water based paint and varnish from wood, metal, and other hard surfaces. Similar to a pumice stone, but much lighter, they are uniquely superior to traditional paint removal products. During the stripping and sanding process, the highly abrasive surface of the block wears away, constantly exposing a fresh new abrasives to the work area. This results in a clog-free abrasive block that works faster and easier than traditional abrasives such as sandpaper and citrus stripping liquid and gel. Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand Paint Remover Blocks mold to irregular surfaces and edges. This means the blocks can be used on curved, rounded, beveled, and even grooved surfaces - places where no power sander could ever be used. Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand Blocks are safe and easy to use: No scraper tool or loud, heavy, dangerous power tools are required Use anywhere - no electricity is needed Clean up is safe and easy - just sweep up or vacuum dust and dispose in normal household trash No harsh, dangerous, or flammable chemicals No wash solutions to use No used chemicals of which to dispose Miracle Eraser Strip 'N Sand has so many refinishing uses and is perfect for DIY projects. Save thousands of dollars in renovation costs! Wood: Remove Paint, Varnish, and Stain on Kitchen Cabinets, Trim and Molding, Doors, Tables, Chairs, Desks, Benches, Hutches, Exterior Trim, Lawn Furniture, Hardwood Floors, Stairs and Banisters, and Fences. Metal: Remove Paint and Rust from Barbecue Grills, Hand Tools, Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, Tractors, and Vehicles.Easily removes paint, rust, ...

  • Asin: B07GDQ5DQQ
  • Brand: Miracle Eraser
  • UPC: 618980000264
  • Size: 18 Pack
  • Manufacturer: Miracle Eraser

Metabo LF724S 3-1/7-Inch 11,000 RPM 6.4-Amp Paint Stripper with Case

Metabo LF724S 3-1/7-Inch 11,000 RPM 6.4-Amp Paint Stripper

The LF724 is a paint remover that strips paint, varnish and other coatings on flat wood surfaces up to 70-Percent faster than other methods. The LF724 paint remover, which is also suitable for use on untreated wood, provides a more environmentally sound solution for coating removal than other methods such as heat gun with putty knife and chemical stripping. The LfF724 paint remover features Metabos exclusive S-automatic clutch, which increases the life of the tool by reducing damage to the gear train when the planer hits a nail on siding or wood. The efficient design incorporates the same winding protection grid featured on other Metabo tools, reducing the overall cost to the customer. The tool has four reversible solid tungsten carbide blades for long service life, while a low vibration level reduces user fatigue. It creates minimal dust during use and is highly suitable for handling rabbets. Blade cutting diameter is 3-1/7-Inch and the maximum rabbeting height is 1-1/0-Inch. Cutting depths are 0.012-Inch , axil and .006-Inch , radial. No-load speed for the Lf724 is 11,000 rpm, torque is 18-Inch-Pound, and total tool weight is 6.25-Pound The remover comes standard with the four carbon blades, a vacuum adapter, a combination wrench, and a carrying case.

  • Asin: B009ATG28G
  • Brand: Metabo
  • UPC: 662911171059
  • Manufacturer: Metabo

EcoFast Gel Paint Remover, Heavy Duty GEL Paint Stripper, Non Toxic Paint Remover for Wood, Paint Remover for Concrete,

EcoFast Gel Paint Remover, Heavy Duty GEL Paint

EcoFast Gel Paint Remover is a non toxic paint stripper that is free of hazardous toxins such as methylene chloride and NMP. This advanced chemistry is ideal for graffiti removal, paint stripping on wood, paint stripping on concrete, and paint stripping on brick and block walls. The gel paint remover will cling to vertical surfaces and is ideal for encapsulating lead paint and latex paint for easier removal. The slow evaporative properties allow you to let the solution dwell for up to 24 hours to let the stripper do more of the work. Our proprietary bio-based emulsion chemistry is formulated as a neutral pH so you never have to neutralize and it will not impact future coatings or finishes. It also rinses freely with water so it won't leave difficult and problematic oily residues like many competitive products.

  • Asin: B00KY3053A
  • Brand: EcoProCote
  • Manufacturer: Eco Safety Products

3M 7772ES Paint and Rust Stripper

3M 7772ES Paint and Rust


  • Asin: B002E9IQ9M
  • Brand: 3M
  • UPC: 051111103692
  • Manufacturer: 3M

Roto Stripper Paint & Rust Remover Drill Attachment - Standard/Home Model - New Redesigned Multi Rotostripper for Paint and Surface Coating Removal

Roto Stripper Paint & Rust Remover Drill Attachment

New RotoStripper Features Space Age LEXAN with Alloy Steel Tines. No Rusting & Minimal Heat Buildup. These developments make an already useful tool an even more valuable part of your do-it-yourself kit.Better than wire brushes, paint thinners, or other chemical strippers. Skip the scraper, steel wool, and harmful chemicals and use the RotoStripper! This is the product you need for all kinds of re-finishing and Home DIY projects.A New Polycarbonate Resin Body creates a light-weight tool that's easy to manage. Minimal User Fatigue! It couldn't be easier.Easy to Clean after use, this is not a tool that gets damaged easily! It will remain in your toolbox for a long time! It Removes Paint, Rust, Varnish, Corrosion, and even Barnacles! Use on Hard Wood, Plastic, Fiberglass, Brick, Cement or Metal Surfaces. Please note this tool is not for use on Soft Wood or Delicate Projects, this is an effective tool, but it is an aggressive one.Fits all drills! Run drill at 1,600 - 2,500 RPM and touch tool lightly to surface. Run at a higher speed for tougher surfaces. Touch very lightly to wood and softer materials. Proudly Made in the USA from start to finish!WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR AND DUST FILTERING MASK WHEN OPERATINGUSE IN CLOCKWISE DIRECTION ONLY

  • Asin: B00JGX2CQC
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rotostrip
  • Size: Standard
  • Manufacturer: Rotostripper

4 Pack 4-1/2" x 7/8" Replacement Disc for Paint & Rust Remover, Stripper

4 Pack 4-1/2" x 7/8" Replacement Disc for

Made of nylon impregnated with extra course Silicon Carbide abrasive grain, a highly flexible disc alternative to wire brush, hand scrapers and abrasive discs. Tough open web makes this product non-loading and cool-working, no harm to the work piece, even works in wet areas. It is also easy to clean with air. They are used for cleaning rust and pain, coatings, welding blue, adhesives, and epoxy on any worked surface. Ideal for removing and polishing and all kinds of surface conditioning

  • Asin: B07KV8H65R
  • Brand: TruePower
  • Size: 4 Pack
  • Manufacturer: Gino Development IncÊ