Multiple Pill Splitter. Original Patented Design, with Accurate Pill Alignment, Sturdy Cutting Blade and Blade Guard, for Splitting and Quartering Round or Oblong Pills.US Patent No. 9,827,165.

Multiple Pill Splitter. Original Patented Design, with Accurate

This device cuts numerous pills in half in one operation. Round or oblong pills are loaded between the spring loaded retainer bars. The cover, with integral cutting blade, is then replaced and pushed down to split all the pills all at once. A blade guard provides finger protection. The splitter will accommodate pills 5/32" (4mm) to ¾" (19mm). Made in USA. Lifetime warranty. Not for use with time-release or gelatin capsules.

  • Asin: B00JMHZ5BG
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Pillcut
  • UPC: 738759744578
  • Manufacturer: CIBOLO PRESS, LLC

VILOSA Pill Splitters, Pill or vitaminTablet Splitter Cutter, Vitamin Cutter, Pill Cutter ...

VILOSA Pill Splitters, Pill or vitaminTablet Splitter Cutter,

Warranty: Lifetime.We have sold this model for more than 70000pcs REMARK:This pill cutter can cut very tiny pills (small to 0.2MM), it also do with larger pills MAX 16MM thick.This pill cutter splitter 4 way,8parts This pill cutter for small pills, even under 1mm thickness; .Product Detail Brand:ViLoSa Material: Food-grade PP Weight: 3.2 OZ Size: 3.6*1.6*1.2IN Color: Blue Product Feature 1.Health and safety,this pill box is made of high-quality materials ,100% BPA-free. 2.Flexible V-shaped holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate cutting 3.It is easy to be disassembled for cleaning ORIGINAL ONE : Original manufacture and design of this model,please only buy from this VILOSA brand store, which we have printed the LOGO: ViLoSa on package and product !

  • Asin: B07HQQGWBR
  • Brand: VILOSA
  • UPC: 712424956008
  • Manufacturer: VILOSA

The Equadose Pill Splitter. The Best Pill Cutter Ever! Crafted in The USA. Doubles as a Pill Box. Great for Pets Too!

The Equadose Pill Splitter. The Best Pill Cutter

Equadose is a revolutionary new pill splitter that solves many of the issues with traditional, plastic, single-blade tablet cutters; and it works with just about every size and shape tablet. The design utilizes two opposing blades that come in from the sides to effectively score the pill prior to splitting. No more unequal halves, dangerous powder, or wasted medication. The patent pending blades are angled in such a way that they are not sharp to the touch, yet they will never dull. When not in use Equadose acts as a pill box with two compartments for pill storage and organization. As a pill case the swivel lid keeps medication safe in your pocket, but is easy to open for use. Currently selling in sapphire blue. We proudly craft every one of our splitters right here in the USA out of the finest aerospace grade aluminum. No expense is spared to make this the best pill splitter money can buy. In fact, we guarantee it for life! Please note that tablets are centered by eye with the Equadose. If you have poor eyesight or dexterity, this may not be the tablet cutter for you.

  • Asin: B00U84Q8OK
  • Color: Currently selling in sapphire blue
  • Brand: EQUADOSE
  • UPC: 683203866125
  • Manufacturer: Equadose

Pill Cutter Splitter - Tablet Pill Splitter Cutter Chopper - Medication Divider Quarters

Pill Cutter Splitter - Tablet Pill Splitter Cutter

Splitting Tablets into Halves or Quarters Has Never Been EasierDo you always have a need to take your pills in small doses? Do you find it hard to swallow large tablets? This pill splitter with blade guard makes splitting tablets into smaller sizes a snap. Featuring a user-friendly construction, this heavy duty pill cutter is the safest option to cut your medication into different slices easily with little pressure. This multiple pill splitter also comes with a durable sharp blade system that ensures you get a clean cut every time even with the hardest tablet. With this versatile medical pill cutter, no part of your medicine or vitamin will be wasted!Sturdy, Safe and Ergonomic DesignOur pill chopper is made with high quality materials and premium stainless steel to last for years. And while some other pill splitters for small or large pills have slippery plastics, this pill divider comes with rubber mat to secure your pills while cutting them. Thanks to our functional and double finger protection design, this clear pill cutter is easy to operate and protects your fingers every time you split your prescription, vitamins and other tablets. Our tiny pill splitter is also a safe box that includes a storage compartment to store your medication easily.Portable, Easy-to-Carry and Travel-friendlyThis pill cutter 3 way is not just convenient to use, it comes with a compact and portable design that makes it easy to carry around. Our pill cutter for nurses is also easy to clean and makes a great travel companion as it easily fit into your pocket, purse or wallet. With this lightweight pill splitter oblong, you can rest assured that your medicine will not be mutilated or crushed!Click on the "Add to cart Button NOW!"

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  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: PILLSTEER
  • UPC: 643690912163
  • Size: Small
  • Manufacturer: PILLSTEER

Apex Ultra Pill Cutter - Pill Splitter With Retracting Blade Guard - For Cutting Small Pills or Large Pills In Half

Apex Ultra Pill Cutter - Pill Splitter With

This Ultra Pill Splitter makes splitting pills a snap. Lightweight and made from heavy duty plastic it's easy and convenient to toss in your purse or any small bag. Cut medication doses in half with the Apex Pill Splitter. Also used by those who have difficulty swallowing pills. Get an accurate cut with the unique V-shaped design that grips the pill. Flexible V-shape holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate cutting. Blade stays sharp. Double-beveled stainless blade. Features: Optical grade polycarbonate. Flexible V-shape holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate cutting. Contoured design with overmold for comfort. Includes Blade Guard for added safety

  • Asin: B000EGKTGK
  • Color: Blue and Clear
  • Brand: Apex
  • UPC: 792217538383
  • Size: 1 Pack
  • Manufacturer: Apex

EqualSplit Pill Splitter, Double Blade Design, Crafted from Medical Grade Aluminum

EqualSplit Pill Splitter, Double Blade Design, Crafted from

EqualSplit Pill Splitter The EqualSplit pill splitter takes a revolutionary new approach to splitting pills. Crafted entirely out of aluminum and designed with two opposing blades that apply opposing force to the same part of the pill. Allowing you to precisely control the fracture point and cut perfect clean halves, every time. Designed with two compartments and a swiveling cover the EuqalSplit allows you to store your pills and its compact size is great for when you're on the go. Works with all pill sizes and shapes. Small or large, scored or unscored, round, oval, oblong, or whatever shape it happens to be the EqualSplit can handle it all. Its patent pending design is made from medical grade aluminum and backed with a lifetime guarantee. ---- For Best results splitting pills please read instructions below: 1. Swivel lid open and jaws apart. 2. Insert pill in the center, laying flat (or you can attempt keeping it upright). Tip: Slowly squeeze the jaws together so both blades are firmly pressed against both sides of the pill. Once in this position recenter the pill as needed. 3. Once the pill is securely centered, swivel the lid back over the jaws and snap the jaws closed.

  • Asin: B07MH6XTL7
  • Brand: EqualSplit
  • UPC: 860000969406
  • Manufacturer: EqualSplit

Multi Pill Cutter Pro - Large Pill Splitter Cuts Multiple Pills Easily, Cleanly & Precisely - Unconditionally Guaranteed - Also Use for Your Dog, Cat and Other Pets Pill Splitter

Multi Pill Cutter Pro - Large Pill Splitter

Designed by a disabled senior who takes 9 or more medications throughout the day while also giving several medications to her pets. She had several pills needing to be split and the pill cutter she had could not accommodate the various sizes and shapes plus she was having to split one at a time. So she designed the Multi Pill Cutter Pro to save her time and money. The bars adjust to hold all the different sizes and shapes of pills she had and the sharp blade would give a nice clean cut. DIRECTIONS: : 1. Place your pills in the Middle section of the pill cutter and tighten the adjustable bars by turning the lever to the left until they grip your medications. 2. After tightening bars double check your pills are still positioned correctly. 3. Lower the lid until it rests on top of the pills then press down FIRMLY and QUICKLY to split your medications in half.   PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS split a single dose of medication the first time to make sure that type of pill will split correctly without crushing. Not all pills can be split, some will break apart into several pieces or crumble more than others. We advise you to speak with your pharmacist or doctor to confirm that it is okay to split your medications as some should never be split. And Even If you Speak to Your Pharmacist or Doctor You Should Always Split Just a Single Dose the First Time to Ensure That It Will Split Correctly Before Splitting Multiple Doses.UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE  Pill Thing Inc, offers an Unconditional Product Warranty. If you have any problems with our Patented Design, Multi Pill Cutter Pro or if it does not cut your pills to your satisfaction, contact us for a product exchange or a full refund. Patented Design US Patent No.9,314,404 B2

  • Asin: B07GT776V2
  • Manufacturer: Pill Thing

Ezy Dose Ultra Fine Cut N' Crush │Pill Cutter │ Pill Crusher

Ezy Dose Ultra Fine Cut N' Crush

Ezy Dose Ultra Fine Cut N' Crush (cutter and crusher combo)

  • Asin: B000E0ZHFO
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: EZY DOSE
  • UPC: 025715678252
  • Size: 1 Count
  • Manufacturer: Apothecary Products, Inc.

ALLEX Pill Splitter Scissors | The No1 Tablet and Pill Cutter, Can Handle up to 0.47 inches in Diameter!

ALLEX Pill Splitter Scissors | The No1 Tablet

  • Asin: B07HH8Z9LT
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: ALLEX\アレックス
  • UPC: 719574825802
  • Size: Unisex Lot 1331
  • Manufacturer: ALLEX\ƒAƒŒƒbƒNƒX

Medifacx ProRx Disc Pill Cutter with 1 Pill Catch Cup & Additional Green Disc ... (Green)

Medifacx ProRx Disc Pill Cutter with 1 Pill

Made From BPA FREE Plastic Green disc helps prevent cross contamination from pills for family members or pets. Stainless Steel blade Curved Blade slices instead of chops. 18-In-1 Disc scientifically engineered to hold the top 50 most common pill sizes.

  • Asin: B07G8KK5V2
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Medifacx
  • UPC: 604099019204
  • Manufacturer: Questa Corp