Rocket Straps - 3" x 30' Heavy Duty Tow Strap | 30,000 LBS Rated Capacity Recovery Strap | Vehicle Tow Straps with Protected Loop Ends | Emergency Off Road Truck Accessories Towing Rope | Storage Bag

Rocket Straps - 3" x 30' Heavy Duty

🚀ROCKET STRAPS Heavy Duty Tow Strap / Emergency Strap Designed & Manufactured with the highest quality material.•30,000 LBS Rated Capacity•10,0000 LBS Working Load•Great for any towing situation you can throw at it.•Designed for extreme weather conditions.•Reusable storage strap for safe and neat storage.•Perfect accessory for any vehicle, keep it tucked away for in your time of need.🚀ROCKET STRAPS LIFETIME WARRANTY! This is an extraordinarily multipurpose tow strap that's manufactured for it to handle any and all situations. 🚀ROCKET STRAPS Built on the core principle of making the highest quality products in the cargo lashing industry. As avid outdoors men, and motorcyclist we have been through countless straps that would under-perform when we most needed them. Taking those frustrations out on designing and manufacturing the most heavy duty premium straps and products that are built to withstand the test of time.

  • Asin: B071R361Q9
  • Brand: Rocket Straps
  • UPC: 638455699250
  • Manufacturer: Rocket Straps

ALL-TOP Extreme Duty Nylon Tow Strap Recovery Kit : 4" x 30' (42,500 lbs) 100% Nylon and 22% Elongation Snatch Strap + 3/4 D Ring Shackles (2pcs) + Storage Bag. A Must-Have KIT

ALL-TOP Extreme Duty Nylon Tow Strap Recovery Kit

Product Specification:* Color: Orange* Maximum Length: 30feet ;* Width:4 inches;* Minimum Breaking Load: 33000lbs* Maximum Breaking Load: 42500lbs*Material:Made of 100% Nylon, High elongation of 22%*Eyelet protectors, Neoprene Protector sleeves. Package included:1 x4'' x 30' ,33000lbs recovery strap2 x 3/4 ,9500lbs bow shackles1 x recovery carry bag Product Features: ALL-TOP 4x4 Recovery Kit is a good basic kit to enable you to successfully recover a vehicle (or be recovered), by pulling them out of a stuck situation. The heavy-duty Recovery Kit Bag keeps your recovery kit intact ready for your next expedition. ALL-TOP 4x4 snatch straps are made and tested to meet the highest quality and strength standards.They are manufactured from 100% treated nylon webbing with reinforced eyelets to prolong operational life.Similar to a rubber band, a snatch strap being stretched between two vehicles generates a kinetic energy pulling force as the strap returns to its original length.The combination of the recovery vehicle pull and the pulling force from the strap creates a snatching' effect that can heave a stranded vehicle free from being bogged or unable to move under its own power.This recovery strap designed with durable and reinforced loops ,Which are highly resistant to wear, tear, and abrasion damage.Easy to recover your vehicles that are in tough situations such as snow, water, mud or sand. ADVISORY: The minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of the vehicle. The strap MUST be suited to the GVM of the lighter of the 2 vehicles used in the recovery process.

  • Asin: B0789BHK8N
  • Color: orange
  • Brand: ALL-TOP
  • UPC: 758762845253
  • Size: 4" x 30' Kit
  • Manufacturer: ALL-TOP

(2PK) Recovery Tow Strap 4" x 30' | Heavy Duty Lab Tested 41,455 lbs (20.7 Tons) Strength | Triple Reinforced Loops + Adjustable Protective Sleeves | Emergency Truck Towing | Free Storage Bag + Strap

(2PK) Recovery Tow Strap 4" x 30' |

NEED TO PULL A TRUCK OUT OF A DITCH or TOW THAT BIG TREE TRUNK off your property? - Our Heavy-Duty Tow Strap can handle any job you may throw at it. Ideal for towing your Pickup, SUV, Jeep, Boat, Trailer, ATV or Snowmobile.  NEVER GET STRANDED AGAIN, On or Off Road, our Premium GearAmerica Tow Strap will be your safety net. For peace of mind - always keep it in your vehicle along with other road essentials. STORE ALL YOUR TOWING SUPPLIES IN ONE PLACE - we have included as a Bonus our large and durable GearAmerica draw-string bag, so you can store all your towing supplies in one convenient place. OPTIMAL 20 FEET LENGTH ensures a safe distance between the two vehicles while its Bright Orange color offers higher visibility even in low light conditions. MORE DURABLE and UV RESISTANT than nylon or polypro. A less than 7% stretch under full load provides a Safer and More Controlled pull. A MUST HAVE for any 4x4 overland adventure - Safer and More Convenient than towing with rope or chain 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - all GearAmerica Tow Straps are backed by our 100% Guarantee that you will be Fully Satisfied with your product or your money back.    Specs: 30,000 LB (15 US Ton) Breaking Strength 10,000 LB (5 US Ton) Working Load Limit Length: 20 feet (6.1 m) Width: 3 inches (75 mm) Elongation: < 7% Material: Polyester

  • Asin: B07JLZ7C7R
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: GearAmerica
  • UPC: 689354969050
  • Size: 4" x 30' (2PK)
  • Manufacturer: ALMARO

Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap 3" x 30ft - Lab Tested 31,518lb Break Strength - Heavy Duty Draw String Included - Triple Reinforced Loop Straps to Ensure Peace of Mind - Emergency Off Road Towing Rope

Rhino USA Recovery Tow Strap 3" x 30ft

✅ "Best heavy duty tow strap loops straps for towing car or trucks! Rhino kills it with the Black & Green! Best Company out there by Far. I will never use any other recovery straps " - Hunter Long

  • Asin: B06WRSR2PG
  • Color: 3in x 30ft Tow Strap
  • Brand: Rhino USA
  • UPC: 608807999901
  • Size: 3" x 30'
  • Manufacturer: Rhino USA

Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb - Recover Your Vehicle Stuck in Mud/Snow - Heavy Duty 3" x 20' Winch Snatch Strap - Protective Loops, Water-Resistant - Off Road Truck Accessory - Bonus Storage Bag

Ultimate Tow Recovery Strap 35000lb - Recover Your

Let me ask you something "Are you worthy enough to own this strap"? The Sunferno Tow strap is not your ordinary tow strap which is going to break when under intense stress. Our strap is trained to pull, stretch (don't want to tear those precious muscle fibers eh?), pull even more and get that vehicle out of that mud. The strap is a multi-talented genius and has majored in vehicle towing, specialized in vehicle recovery and tree log and stump,removal. Other straps get jealous of the mighty Sunferno Strap since he can be a tow strap, recovery strap as well as a bush removal strap, while other straps can barely do one job without breaking and making a big scene. Sunferno Strap is among the elite group with the 35000 Lb break strength arms of "proprietary polyester threads", nothing stops him from going offroading. No wonder other straps are intimidated. While not pulling, Sunferno strap can be found deeply involved in meditation. Legends say only the worthy can yield a Sunferno Tow Strap. Are you worthy? Let's find that out, first "Add to cart" then place your order. If you checkout successfully, you are worthy!! Seriously, stop reading and add to cart.

  • Asin: B06ZZBGFYV
  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Sunferno
  • UPC: 652012293279
  • Size: 3" x 20'
  • Manufacturer: Sunferno

ARB ARB705LB Orange 30' x 2 3/8" Snatch Strap Recovery

ARB ARB705LB Orange 30' x 2 3/8" Snatch

ARB snatch straps are designed to stretch and return to their original length, allowing for the transfer of kinetic energy into the recovery generating more recovery power and reducing the chance of vehicle damage. The 17,500 lb strap is suitable for most 4WD vehicles, with the 24,000 lb and 33,000 lb straps better suited to heavier applications.

  • Asin: B01H5M6BM6
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: ARB
  • Size: 30' x 2 3/8"
  • Manufacturer: ARB

Erickson (59807) 8" x 30' Heavy Duty 2-PLY Recovery Strap

Erickson (59807) 8" x 30' Heavy Duty 2-PLY

Erickson's 2-PLY Super Heavy Duty Recovery Strap, 8" wide and 30' long, manufactured to 100,000 pounds breaking strength and 50,000 pounds maximum vehicle weight. Designed for the big guys stuck out there somewhere, we take our standard heavy duty recovery strap webbing and stitch 2 layers together making them Super Strong. 6", 8" and 10" widths are available. Erickson Recovery Straps all feature a sewn end loop with an overlay of high-tenacity nylon to ensure longer life in the pull area, where most of the wear occurs in this type of towing system. The sewn in loop also makes it easier to attach the strap loop to the tow hooks on the vehicle. A lot of other models from different manufacturers do little or nothing in the pull area as it's certainly time-consuming and a definite added cost. Heavy duty webbing is rated at 10,000 pounds. per inch of width: the wider the web, the stronger the strap. A heavy, 415 series thread is used in the sewing process to ensure the advertised load limits are met or exceeded. When using, simply attach the loops to tow hooks on both vehicles; once the web tightens up, the webbing with stretch 20 percent and actually slingshot the stuck vehicle out, giving what we call Snatch-Action. Caution: Guard webbing from bumpers etc. Simply use old rags, coats, carpets or whatever to protect the strap from sharp edges. Erickson Manufacturing has been producing Tie-Down Straps and related products for over 25 years. As a leading manufacturer of Tie-Down and Towing Products in North America, Erickson Manufacturing strives to provide the safest products available with the consumer in mind. Tie it. Tow it. Load it. Count on Erickson.

  • Asin: B00HE4YCRM
  • Brand: Erickson
  • UPC: 064383598073
  • Manufacturer: Erickson

motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit - 30 ft x 3" (30,000 lbs.) Rope + 2" Shackle Hitch Receiver + 5/8" Locking Pin + 3/4" D Ring Shackles with Safety Ring + Heavy Duty Bag - Off Road Pick Up Towing

motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit - 30 ft

  • Asin: B072V51TRC
  • Brand: motormic
  • UPC: 712038758227
  • Manufacturer: Motormic

TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver, Winch Strap, Tow Strap 30,000 Pound Capacity

TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver, Winch

3", 8' heavy duty winch strap, tree saver with 30,000 LBS limit. Perfect to use with a winch for vehicle recovery while protecting trees from damage or other uses. CE, TUV certified tow strap at or above the listed limits. We do random testing on every production run to make sure our straps meet our expectations.

  • Asin: B00Z8R7T3Q
  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: TGL
  • UPC: 802991665080
  • Size: 3" wide, 8' long
  • Manufacturer: TGL

ARB ARB705 2-3/8" x 30' Recovery Strap - 17500 lbs Capacity

ARB ARB705 2-3/8" x 30' Recovery Strap -

Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance. An ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilized forward when a second vehicle is present. The elasticity in a snatch strap is what makes it such an essential piece of recovery gear. The kinetic energy generated by the elasticity aids with the recovery, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage.

  • Asin: B004P9DQLC
  • Color: Recovery Strap
  • Brand: ARB
  • UPC: 795871011155
  • Size: Recovery Strap 17500 Lbs.
  • Manufacturer: ARB