MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control Newest Electronic Insect Repellent Easiest Way to Reject Rodent Bed Bug Mosquito Fly Cockroach Spider Rat Home Animal No Kill Plug in 2 Pack

MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Humane Mice Control Newest

MaxMoxie is the perfect Pest Repeller for Home Pest Control: simple to use and safe around family and most reject household pets: no messy traps to empty, no disease-ridden dead rodents to dispose. Just plug it in - effectively chases away pests in home or office. Effective on rodent pests like mice and also insects like spiders, ants and cockroaches. Safe for use around children and pets such as cats, dogs, birds and fish. It's kinder than mouse traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing pest. Use anywhere pests are seen. Ideal for basements, garages, attics, crawl spaces, barns, sheds. Covers average size rooms; use more units for large spaces. Pest Control Ultrasonic Repellent Week1: quick impact & run away from shelter Week2: non-immune & nervous system damaged Week3-4: intolerable & flee from home forever Features: Humane Repels Rodent, Bugs, Ants, Mice, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Spiders, and Most of the Indoor Pests Uses ultrasonic, silent technology Service life: 5-6 years or more, no on-going costs Effective Coverage Area: 800-1,200 Sq. Ft. per unit Package including: 2 packs Note & Warning: 1. Turning off the light will not affect the performance of the ultrasound 2. Ultrasonic sound can't penetrate furniture, cabinets or walls, keep ample space around the area where it's plugged in 3. It's normal that the mouse and vermin will increase at the beginning days because they are getting away from the living place after the attack of the ultrasonic. Reduction in pest activity should occur within 2-3 Weeks. If you'd love to experience a TRULY pests free home - a home free from scurrying, buzzing, and the craziness of large rodents running over you, just order it now!

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  • Color: 2 Pack
  • Brand: MaxMoxie
  • UPC: 669591153696
  • Size: 2 Pack
  • Manufacturer: MaxMoxie

CLEANRTH CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Rodent Repelling System | Superior Rodent Repeller

CLEANRTH CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Rodent Repelling System |

Looking for a simple, easy-to-use electronic rodent repeller that is unmatched for rodent control for your house or business? EASY TO USE The Cleanrth Advanced Rodent Repeller simply plugs into any 120v outlet and immediately begins electronic rodent repelling with its unmatched High Intensity Ultrasonic Generating Technology. DEEP PENETRATION The Digitally Processed electromagnetic waves generated by this device automatically go deep into the walls throughout your home or office. These electromagnetic waves cause slight vibrations that disturb the communication and living of pests, irritate their nervous system, and ultimately drive them away. UNMATCHED RODENT CONTROL Our Turbulent Storm Technique makes each speaker emit ultrasonic sounds at a different set frequency. This improved acoustic technique ensures that rodents cannot develop an immunity to the sounds. Rodent Targeting allows you to target specific hearing zones while Rodent Confusion hits the hearing zones of different rodents for unmatched electronic rodent control! CHEMICAL-FREE The Advanced Rodent Repeller is environmentally-friendly as it uses chemical-free ultrasonic sounds to electronically repel mice, rats and other rodents away from unwanted areas. The ultrasonic sounds fall outside the hearing ranges of humans, cats, dogs and birds, so you and your pets won't notice a thing. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE We care about your repelling success, and we want to use our 25+ years experience in the Electronic Pest Repelling business to resolve your issue! When you buy from us, you are not only getting our guaranteed product, you are getting access to our support system of helpful staff that cares about your results. We promise to give you our help and know-how on how to proceed when a tougher-than-normal rodent...

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  • Color: White
  • Brand: CLEANRTH
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  • Manufacturer: Cleanrth Products

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, New Pest Control Set of 6-Packs Electronic Plug in Repellent Indoor for Flea, Insects, Mosquitoes, Mice, Spiders, Ants, Rats, Roaches, Bugs, Non-Toxic, Humans & Pets Safe

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, New Pest Control Set of

Product specifications:Frequency range: 10 KHz~65KHz Input voltage: AC90V~250V / 50~60HZ Effective range: 800~1200 Square Feet Installation height: 30cm from the ground Power: 2~3W Package Includes: 6 X Sumpol Ultrasonic Pest Repellents Packing box with instructions Instructions: 1. This machineshould be installed at 30cm away from the floor and should be vertical to the floor and plug to the outlet. 2. The installing point should be avoided to be in the back of the curtain, fridge, and any other furniture that deterring or attaching frequency. 3. It's normal that the mouse and vermin will increase at the beginning of the using days because they are getting away from the living place after ultrasonic. Normally, it could take 3~4 weeks to notice results. 4. To increase the effect, you should use the several devices at the warehouse or several rooms.

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  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: ZEROPEST
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  • Size: Small
  • Manufacturer: RXCOO

Vekibee Pack of 6 Sonic Mole Repellent Solar Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Vole Chaser Mole Deterrent Sonic Spike Gopher Stake Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Good As Mole Killer Poison

Vekibee Pack of 6 Sonic Mole Repellent Solar

How To Get Rid Of Moles: The sonic repellent vibrates and emits sonic pulses penetrating the soil to irritate moles, gophers and voles, who are virtually blind and extremely sensitive to sounds and vibrations, and force them to leave the property. Coverage & Distance: One unit radiates in 49.2 feet and covers 7,000 square feet. For a best result, it is recommended that the distance between two units is less than 98.5 feet. Operation & Precaution: - Easy to set up: Connect the plugs, gently push the head unit and the spike together - Normal working status: The repellent vibrates and emits sounds every 20 seconds after it is installed - Charging method: Place the repellent in an area with long sunshine hours, it will charge automatically - This product is rain-proof, but must not be soaked in rain. The head unit should be installed 4 inches above from the ground. In case of rain soaking or flooding, take away the repellent until the rain recedes Technical Parameters: - Material: Aluminum and ABS plastic - Sonic frequency: 400Hz - Operation cycle: Operates 5 seconds at 20-second intervals - Rechargeable battery: Ni-Cd AAA 400mAh 1.2V About Us: Vekibee is a leading brand of humane pest control solutions, main products include animal repellent, mole repellent, rat repellent, electronic mouse repeller, pest control spray, ultrasonic pest repeller(pest control ultrasonic): rodent repellent ultrasonic, mice repellent ultrasonic, mouse repellent ultrasonic, gopher repellent ultrasonic. After research and testing, we know that pest and animals can be conditioned by using their basic fears and survival instincts. If you want a humane solution pest control products rather than using mole killer, mole poison, mole traps that work fine and mercifully, try our products.

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  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Vekibee
  • UPC: 789659288549
  • Manufacturer: Vekibee

Apello 8 Pack Mole Repellent Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic Mole Repeller Solar Powered Chipmunk Repellant Ultrasonic Outdoor No Mole Killer Trap No Vole Poison Harm to Your Yard

Apello 8 Pack Mole Repellent Gopher Repellent Ultrasonic

Solar Powered Mole Repellent: This rodent repellent ultrasonic mole repellant produces 400Hz low frequency harmless sound waves and vibrations day and night to penetrate the soil and repel mole, gopher, vole repellant effectively. It's almost the simplest way to get rid of moles, gophers and voles. Humane, Non-toxic and weatherproof: Sound waves that emitted underground doesn't affect your family or pets. The outdoor humane chipmunk repellent doesn't have any chemicals and does not kill any creature like mole poison, mole chaser, mole killer, gopher trap, mole traps that work mercilessly . ☻☻☻ Important Tips: ►Place the solar spikes mole chaser near the main tunnel with sun exposure, make sure the top part is about 2 inches above the ground to avoid water flowing into the interior. ►The effectiveness of the product depends on the type of soil to a large extent. Wet clay is the best conductive medium of sound; it is difficult to spread sound waves in dry, sandy or peat soil. ►Mole gopher will be disturbed and flee away after 2 weeks continuous use, but some may dig closer because they have lost their mind under the irritation. 2 months of continuous use can effectively remove most of the rodents. The solar mole repeller can be kept there to discourage the left ones or other pests which want to occupy the empty caves. Parameters: 1. Acoustic frequency: 400Hz 2. Operating time and interval: Operates 3 seconds at 27 seconds interval. 3. Battery: A rechargeable battery is sealed inside the mole stake. Apello's main products include mole and gopher sonic spike, pest repellent, vole repellant, animal repellent, rat repellent, electronic mole repeller, electronic mouse repeller, pest control spray, pest control ultrasonic: rodent repellent ultrasonic, mice repell...

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  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Apello
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BRISON Ultrasonic Plug in Device - Electronic Portable Pet Sаfe (4-Pack) - Еlectromagnetic Waves Ultrasound Control - Rеpеllent for Micе Rаts Mоsquitos Spidеrs Rоdents Insеcts - Indoor/Outdoor

BRISON Ultrasonic Plug in Device - Electronic Portable

The electronic pest repeller with a combination of optical, ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves is the easiest and safest way to get rid of all the pests in any kind of property. FEATURES & BENEFITS Electromagnetic mosquito repellent has a wide coverage area of 1100 square feet and an ability to go through the walls. Electronic pest repellent has a fire-proof body which makes it environmentally-friendly and is absolutely harmless for people and pets. High frequency pest repeller leaves your house clean being safe even for the pests which don't die but just leave your property. Mosquito repellent is easy to use - all you need to do is hold the switch button for three seconds and it's ready to expel the vermin (РЕР). SPECIFICATIONS Voltage: 110 - 240V Rated Frequency - 50 / 60 Hz Area of Coverage: 1100 ft2 Power - 3 ~ 5 W

  • Asin: B07SXD3CBC
  • Brand: BRISON
  • Manufacturer: Brison

Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer Device 3 in 1 Anti Barking Stop Bark Handheld Dog Training Device (Yellow)

Frienda LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer Device

LED Ultrasonic dog repeller and trainer 3 in 1 anti barking handheld dog training device Ultrasound design: Based on the theory that ultrasound, the dog trainer can effectively train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviors, such as barking, digging, chewing and more, also they are harmless to both humans and pets. How to use pet trainer: 1. Point your pet trainer directly at the dog or cat, always use an outstretched arm from a distance of approx. 6 feet away (effective within the distance of up to approx. 20 feet) 2. Give the verbal command, then immediately press the button for 1 or 2 seconds. 3. Repeat steps one and two until your pet responds to your commands. Features: Size of the device is approx. 12.5 x 4.5 x 2.6 cm (LWH), which is portable and handheld, also convenient for you to carry anywhere you need, such as jogging or walking, cycling, park and so on. Except as a pet training tool, it also can prevent you from dog attacks, fit for training many kinds of family pet dogs, such as poodle and such small puppy dogs, suitable for outdoor work, travel and security night patrol. Specifications: Frequency: 25 KHz Sound pressure: 125 dB Max current: 130 mA Powered by: 9V battery (not included) Available distance: within 20 feet Package includes: 1 x Ultrasonic dog trainer 1 x User manual Notes: Please allow slight differences of the size due to manual measurements. The battery is not included in the package, please buy it by yourself. Dog repeller can work on most dogs, but sometimes it won't work on those giant dogs. If the light gets dim, please change the batteries timely.

  • Asin: B079ZS78W4
  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Frienda
  • UPC: 653334402073
  • Manufacturer: Frienda

T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller

T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent

The T3-R Triple High Impact Mice, Rat, Rodent Repeller comes to do its job. It utilizing 3 speakers that maximizes rodent repelling results, such as Mice, Rats, Squirrels, etc. Our specially designed speakers transmit ultrasonic sounds at three different locations on the device. All of these speakers do a specific job and transmit / repel in different ways causing what we like to call the Triple Attack Design. Single to Multiple T3-R units, Time Repelling, Triple Attack Power Design, Location, and Ultrasonic Change is the key when repelling rodents away from unwanted areas. In most cases rodents leave with-in a 12 - 16 day period. But sometimes when a stubborn rodent problem comes along and your having troubles that is when we take pride on being very helpful so repelling results get met. We like to treat you the customer as if it was ourselves and with that said we expect premium rodent repelling results with the T3-R and no less. (With SQUIRREL REPELLING we have been getting about a 73% success Rate) Regarding the repelling of squirrels with the T3R? We do not understand why most of our customers dominate there squirrel problem, while others have no success. So with that said its really all about success and happy customers am I right. We are not in this business to sell something that did not work for you. If for any reason your not succeeding with your T3-R, contact us through Amazon and let us Help. Most Rodent problems have been within there own area for years so if your not succeeding with-in a 2 week span don't give up and let us help. We really do care and have the knowledge to help.

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  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: TMC Pest Repeller llc
  • UPC: 091037328922
  • Manufacturer: TMC Pest Repeller llc

U & I Universal Products Best 4 Pack Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Repels Mole, Rodent, Vole, Shrew, Gopher, Snakes, Mice, and Other Pests

U & I Universal Products Best 4 Pack

  • Asin: B07QCJ1VRC
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Brand: U & I Universal Products
  • UPC: 737488085860
  • Manufacturer: Hangzhou

RIDDEX Sonic Plus Pest Repeller for Rodents and Insects, 6-Pack Indoor Repellent with Side Outlet, Get Rid of Roaches & Rodents Chemical Free

RIDDEX Sonic Plus Pest Repeller for Rodents and

Get rid of bugs, pests, and unwanted house guests with this 6-pack of Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repellers. This innovative technology produces sonic waves, which are inaudible to humans but agitate and deter many rodents and insects. Say goodbye to the days of spraying bug repellent, putting out mouse traps, and calling exterminators. Simply plug the Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repeller into any basic outlet in your home, and watch the pesky visitors disappear in no time! Safe for children and pets, and it is completely non-toxic and chemical-free. To use, simply plug it in and let this tool work its sonic magic. Whether you're dealing with a rat infestation or you want to keep cockroaches away, this simple pest repeller will turn your home into a pest-repelling force field! You won't have to worry about the noise bothering you or your family because the frequency is too high for the human ear to detect. Unlike sprays, traps, or other potentially dangerous fixes, the Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repeller is completely safe. You won't have to worry about pets or little ones getting hurt with this pest solution around. The low-profile design makes it perfect for any area of your home, and it blends in well with your walls. Next time you need to combat creepy crawly bugs or pesky mice in your house or apartment, try the Riddex Sonic Pest Repeller. You'll love it's simple and effective technology!

  • Asin: B07S8BP6FN
  • Brand: RIDDEX
  • UPC: 679373035973
  • Manufacturer: Global TV Concepts