Dot-to-Dot Count to 100

Dot-to-Dot Count to

Go higher and higher—up to the big 100, and then on to infinity—with this cool dot-to-dot counting book! This is the exciting challenge older counters are eagerly waiting for. What’s hidden in each dot-to-dot? Till it’s done, no one can know. They’ll all be a big happy surprise! 

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School Zone - ABC Dot-to-Dots Workbook - Ages 3 to 5, Preschool to Kindergarten, Connect the Dots, Alphabet, Alphabetical Order, Letter Puzzles, and More (School Zone Get Ready!TM Activity Book Series)

School Zone - ABC Dot-to-Dots Workbook - Ages

Find our complete line of educational resources at FEATURES & BENEFITS 32 pages of dot-to-dot activities For ages 3-5 7.75" x 10.75" pages with durable glossy cover Preschoolers and kindergartners can master ABCs and build a foundation for reading These dot-to-dot puzzles feature adorable pals and lots of alphabet practice Activities sharpen fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination Picture clues increase vocabulary Slim and portable, perfect for on-the-go learning! Perforated pages makes it easy to tear out for individual worksheets AMAZING - This ABC Dot-to-Dots, a School Zone Get Ready! workbook, focuses on essential preschool and kindergarten skills. Fun-filled dot-to-dot puzzles help reinforce letters and ABC order. Colorful, humorous illustrations motivate children to keep exploring. In this workbook, 32 pages of puzzles help children practice alphabetical order while they discover pictures related to the seasons. Once they connect the dots correctly kids can reward themselves by coloring in the picture they helped create. Plus, dot-to-dots improve children's fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. With a pencil or crayons, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your child will practice important skills and exercise imagination. Developing a "learning is fun" habit comes easy. Get an edge with the School Zone Advantage™! WORKBOOKS - Writing in workbook pages, as opposed to typing on a computer, can help kids to focus and to learn. Writing by hand fires up specific areas of a child's brain, improving a child's ability to not only remember what he or she learns but to think of new ideas. When kids finish the workbook, fill out the Certificate of Achievement to reward a job well done. Hang it on the wall or ...

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One Last Time

One Last

From New York Times bestselling author, Corinne Michaels, comes a new heartwarming standalone romance.I’m getting really good at cutting my losses.First, the husband. Divorcing him was the best decision I ever made. But between single-parenting and job-hunting, I can’t catch my breath. When a celebrity blogging position falls into my lap, I’m determined to succeed.That is, until I get my first assignment and actually see Noah Frazier for the first time . . . practically naked and dripping wet. My heart races and I forget how to form complete sentences. His chiseled abs, irresistible smirk, and crystal blue eyes are too perfect to be real. So, what do I do? Get drunk and humiliate myself, of course.I’m ready to forget the awkward night, yet Noah has no intention of allowing me to move on. Instead, he arranges for me to write a feature on him, ensuring a lot more time together. One embarrassing moment after another, one kiss after another, and before I can stop myself, I realize—I’m falling in love with him.But when the unthinkable happens, can I even blame him for cutting his losses?What I wouldn’t give for just one last time . . .There are four standalone books in The Second Time Around series. We Own Tonight (Heather & Eli)One Last Time (Kristin & Noah)Not Until You (Nicole & Callum)If I Only Knew (Danielle & Milo)

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Creative Lettering for Kids: Techniques and Tips from Top Artists

Creative Lettering for Kids: Techniques and Tips from

Hand lettering is a visually dynamic and accessible way to add textual elements to any type of craft, from journals to mixed-media art. Some of the most accomplished artists present their favorite lettering techniques, illustrated with inspiring examples of their own work and accompanied by step-by-step instructions that kids can easily follow. No other book on the topic presents such a wide variety of original alphabets, font styles, and creative projects for young artists!

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Dot to Dot Counting Books: Set of 4

Dot to Dot Counting Books: Set of

These dot-to-dot books are perfect introduction to math and counting concepts. Kids will be excited to connect each dot and watch those lines form images. Once all the dots are connected add a little coloring using your own coloring set.

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Paper Bouquet: Using Paper Punches to Create Beautiful Flowers

Paper Bouquet: Using Paper Punches to Create Beautiful

Paper Bouquet teaches you the simple basics including paper manipulation, gluing and coloring. Photos document every step and a visual template of the punches accompanies each flower. Softcover: 128 pages. Made in USA.

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Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to Over 200 Natural Foods

Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide

“Beautiful color photographs . . . temptingly arranged.”—The Library LetterPlanning an outdoor adventure? Make sure to consult this information-packed and photo-filled North American field guide—arranged by season and region—before you go! Already a huge success in previous editions, this must-have field guide now features a fresh new cover, as well as nearly 400 color photos and detailed information on more than 200 species of edible plants all across North America. With all the plants conveniently organized by season, enthusiasts will find it very simple to locate and identify their desired ingredients. Each entry includes images, plus facts on the plant’s habitat, physical properties, harvesting, preparation, and poisonous look-alikes. The introduction contains tempting recipes and there’s a quick-reference seasonal key for each plant.  

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The Heiress of Winterwood (Whispers On The Moors Book 1)

The Heiress of Winterwood (Whispers On The Moors

Darbury, England, 1814Amelia Barrett gave her word. Keeping it could cost her everything.Amelia Barrett, heiress to an estate nestled in the English moors, defies family expectations and promises to raise her dying friend’s baby. She’ll risk everything to keep her word—even to the point of proposing to the child’s father—a sea captain she’s never met.When the child vanishes with little more than an ominous ransom note hinting at her whereabouts, Amelia and Graham are driven to test the boundaries of their love for this little one.Amelia’s detailed plans would normally see her through any trial, but now, desperate and shaken, she’s forced to examine her soul and face her one weakness: pride.Graham’s strength and self-control have served him well and earned him much respect, but chasing perfection has kept him a prisoner of his own discipline. And away from the family he has sworn to love and protect.Both must learn to have faith and relinquish control so they can embrace the future ahead of them.“My kind of book! [It] grabbed my attention from the first lines and I eagerly returned to its pages.” —Julie Klassen, Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author“If you are a fan of Jane Austen and Jane Eyre, you will love Sarah E. Ladd's debut.” —

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Crazy Town: Money. Marriage. Meth.

Crazy Town: Money. Marriage.

Sterling Braswell was a millionaire—palatial ranch, stock options, and money in the bank. Then he met his high school sweetheart after not seeing her for over ten years. With their love rekindled, they were married. Life was beautiful. They had no real worries, a lovely son, and a bright future.Then she started using meth.The craziness of the next few years would leave Sterling almost completely broke—financially, emotionally, and spiritually—and nearly murdered.The Weekender Raves About Crazy Town!Drugs, violence, sex and betrayal. Sound like the tagline from the newest Megan Fox movie? Maybe, but those components are also the basis for the book “Crazy Town: Money. Marriage. Meth.” by Sterling R. Braswell. Published right in our own backyard by Wilkes-Barre-based Kallisti Publishing, Inc., “Crazy Town” is the true story of a man who thought he had it all, until methamphetamine destroyed the delicate house of cards he didn’t realize he was building. In addition to being based on true events, the book is an exploration of the rise of the meth epidemic in our country, offering some very interesting insight among the twists and turns of Braswell’s tumultuous past.In “Crazy Town,” the author provides a first-person account of his life up to the present. In short, he reconnects with and marries his childhood sweetheart, Lucille. As is often the case in relationships, Braswell is too busy seeing life through his rose-colored glasses to notice all of the glaring red flags in their relationship. Not to mention the fact that his ranch hand Clyde is operating a meth lab right on his property. Eventually, though, the author is forced to face the bitter reality that Lucille is an addict, and with her addiction comes all of the baggage associated with substance...

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Why I Failed Charm School: A Memoir by Tisha Sterling

Why I Failed Charm School: A Memoir by

In the words of television and movie actress Tisha Sterling, the daughter of renowned Hollywood actress Ann Sothern: "My cards were dealt generously. From my parents and the good Lord, I inherited beauty and was blessed with a sparkling future. On the surface, I had a life most people could only dream of having." However... "Every morning for four years, I had been swallowing 100 milligrams of methadone, mixed with Kool-Aid from a little white paper cup. Like clockwork, I dressed in yesterday's dirty clothes picked up from my tiny apartment I shared with my 16-year-old daughter and headed for the West Los Angeles Methadone Clinic. That morning what I felt inside: anger, fear and shame. I thought about my mother, a one-time important film actress whose career had flourished from the 1920's to the present time and stupidly compared it to my own career that was by now in the toilet, almost nonexistent. Yet I stubbornly hung on to a glimmer of hope (maybe my only salvation) that some successful auditions for me on television and film would be forthcoming and that soon I would be back to work on a Hollywood set doing what I did best acting." And thus Tisha begins her heartfelt memoir chronicling what on the surface appeared to be a dream life as Ann Sothern's daughter, but which at times was precisely the opposite. Along the way, Tisha paints an intimate portrait of Hollywood and its personalities during Hollywood's bygone Golden Age in the 1930s through the 1960s, a portrait that only one who lived and worked inside the Hollywood of that glamorous era could present.

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