Upgraded 6Pcs/Set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail Treatment Foot Tool, Ingrown Toenail Removal Correction Clippers, Surgery Grade Ingrown Toe Nail File and Lifter, Professional Pedicure Tools

Upgraded 6Pcs/Set Ingrown Toenail Tools Kit, Premium Nail

Many people suffering the pain of ingrown toenail, they think it's just a small problem. However,it will not recovery if you ignore it, and will cause many big problems, such as: 1. The pain of onyxis make people facial expression distortion, movement distortion when people walking and playing sports, will destroy person's temperament; 2. Nail will got inflammation repeated , easy to cause abscess, lead to nail root rot; 3. It will cause toenail serious deformation, nail loss and foot odor; 4. It can lead to a decrease in immunity of fingernails and infection of fungal diseases, such as onychomycosis. I recommend this ingrown toenail set to treat DIY. How to use? 1. Soak feet for 15 minutes with warm water; 2. Disinfect toenails, fingernails and tools; 3. Hook both sides of the ingrown toenail with the two hooks on the tool; 4. Use one hand hold the middle fulcrum of the tool, twisting the nut to fix the tool on the toenail with the other hand. (Fulcrum towards two directions for different sizes of the nails, you can find somebody to help you); 5. Slowly intensify till there is a sense of expansion (no pain). Intensify slightly for every 10 minutes; 6. Take your feet out of the water after 30 minutes, wait for 15 minutes to make your feet dry; 7. Remove the equipment, the toenail is reshaped, you can fill some medical cottons under the tilted nails to prevent rebound. Features: Material: Premium stainless steel Warranty Period: 180 days We focus on foot health for 5 years and guarantee the quality of our products. Package Including: 1*Nail Nipper 1*Nail Lifter 1*Nail File 1*Nail Pusher 1*Toenail Corrector 1*Nail Collection Plastic Cover1*User Manual

  • Asin: B07FGG7W7P
  • Brand: bcabo
  • UPC: 192802190833
  • Manufacturer: bcabo

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical Professional Nail File Kit for Acrylic, Gel Nails, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shape Tools Design for Home Salon Use, Purple

MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical

  • Asin: B01H05EDK0
  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: MelodySusie
  • Manufacturer: MelodySusie

5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure kit

5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail

5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure kit

  • Asin: B00ATB1ISS
  • Color: design.1
  • Brand: HiMo
  • UPC: 646789998758
  • Size: Nail Dotting Pen
  • Manufacturer: HiMo

JSDOIN 5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure kit

JSDOIN 5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool

5 Pcs Dotting Tools Set, Ball Stylus Embossing Pattern Clay Sculpting Carving Modeling Tools Nail Art, Mandala Rock Painting. Packing including: 5 x Double Sided Dotting Tools with Acrylic Colorful Handle Material: All the balls made of stainless steel Length: 5 inch / 13 cm 5 pieces different size double ended stylus lightweight and easy to use

  • Asin: B07GBS9WLX
  • Brand: JSDOIN
  • UPC: 704630453570
  • Size: 5 Pcs
  • Manufacturer: JSDOIN

5Pcs Ingrown Toenail Tool,Upgraded Toenail Clippers for Thick Toenails,Toenail Correction Tool,Nail Lifter,Nail File,Cuticle Trimmer Remover for Thick or Ingrown Toenail

5Pcs Ingrown Toenail Tool,Upgraded Toenail Clippers for Thick

Precision toenail clippers: Heavy duty stainless steel constructed Sharp blades help remove nail and trim toenails painlessly Soft,thick rubber made grip ensures no-slip and easy trimmingNail Correction toolDouble sided nail lifter is perfect for lifting painful ingrown nails, With its grooves for extra grip, safely and effortlessly lift away toenails from the skin.Professional toenail lifter & cuticle trimmer:The forked end cuticle trimmer simply pushing the tip along the cuticle line of your nail. Cut away cuticle. The arrow curved ends get under even the closest toe nail to grab out all debris.Specially designed file The Ingrown toenail file is separately designed with one straight one curved end which can enter into nail to effectively file away that nail edge preventing ingrown toenails from digging into skin and becomes infectedPackage: 1*Nail clipper1*Nail Corrector 1*Nail lifer 2*Nail file 1*Portable leather case

  • Asin: B07Q2PBYVG
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Poraxy
  • UPC: 673169996981
  • Manufacturer: Poraxy

Yimart 20PCS Nail Art Design Dotting Painting Drawing Polish Brush Pen Tools

Yimart 20PCS Nail Art Design Dotting Painting Drawing

Functionalities: Flat Fan Brushes: Used to draw multiple lines simultaneously. Pattern Brush: Used to draw fine patterns and acrylic nail art. Striping Liner Brushes: For drawing fine lines. Flat Brushes: Perfect for UV Gel nail art and for painting on a thick line of color on your nail. Oblique Angled Brush: For 3D Flower Effects Dotting Tool: For creating dots, decreasing size and to pull dots into different shapes. Drawing Brush: For line drawing such as Zebra Stripes Petal Brush: For drawing leaves and petals. Double Ended Dotting Pens & Marbling Tools: To do polka dots, circle patterns, hearts and flowers nail art. Package Content: 1 Bundle x 15pcs white handle brushes + 5pcs Dotting Pens

  • Asin: B06X6BCY7K
  • Brand: Yimart
  • UPC: 701807694248
  • Manufacturer: Yimart®

11 in 1 Electric Nail Drill Set,Professional Portable Handpiece File Grinder Manicure Pedicure Tools With Nail Polish Clippers Kit & 20PCS Nail Sand Bands for Acrylic Gel Nails UL Certificate Adapter

11 in 1 Electric Nail Drill Set,Professional Portable

Attention Please: ◆To extend the machine life, please turn off the main board power when changing nail drill bits. ◆Don't change the turning directions too frequently,in order to avoid the hand piece being damaged. ◆While using,please adjust the speed gradually,do not adjust speed suddenly. ◆Do not touch any rotating parts on the machine during operation.1.This item can manicuring, pedicuring, removal of calluses,beautify pet's nail and so on. suitable for professional nail division or personal manicure/pedicure, especially in travel. 2.this product is made by aluminum alloy,you will feel smooth when you hold it.Please do not always use max speed on your nail ,it will damage your nail and machine. 3.Please do not use the machine for long time then you may feel hot. 4.Product design to reduce size, easy to carry,but the speed is not affected by the size.Designed to work with low vibrations and less noise, it ensures less pressure, more comfort and longer usage time. This nail art drill machine is ideal for salons, spas and beauty parlors and can also be used at home.Package includes: 1 x Nail Drill Machine 5 x Carbide Drill Bits6 x Original Drill Bits 6 x Original Sanding Bands 1 x bag #80 Sanding Bands 1 x AC Adapter(51in long) 1 x English Manual

  • Asin: B01CJ4PZKY
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Subay
  • UPC: 614134734429
  • Manufacturer: Subay

Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit with Nail Clips Nail Remover Pads Cuticle Pusher Nail Brushes Nail File Grits 120/180 Buffer Block Grits 400/4000, 6 Pack

Teenitor Nail Polish Gel Remover Tools Kit with

  • Asin: B07J4P9MBK
  • Color: Purple
  • Brand: Teenitor
  • Size: Purple
  • Manufacturer: Teenitor

HIFAU 8PCS Premium Cuticle Nippers Pusher Manicure Tools Set, Professional Ingrown Toenail File, Cuticle Remover Trimmer Cutters Tool Gel Nail Art Kit, Stainless Steel, Travel, Gift

HIFAU 8PCS Premium Cuticle Nippers Pusher Manicure Tools

The hand is the hardest part of the body and the most laborious. When you are inadvertently seen on the hands of dead skin, wrinkles, black spots and veins protruding, there is no doubt age is no longer your secret. Hand care to persevere, but also to be patient and careful, in your careful care of the hand skin will be soft, plump, smooth and moist. Therefore, it is very important to have a good hand tool. I Belive: Buy the set of Manicure tools, Have a pair of delicate hands. It's worth it. Warm Tips: 1. Use Non-corrosive disinfectant to sterilize and disinfect the cuticle trimmer tools before work; 2. After each use, remove the dander and dust from the tools with disinfectant, wipe it dry with a dry towel, then place it in a dry and well-ventilated place; 3. When not using cuticle scissors, please cover the plastic cover. Package Including: 1PCS Nail Cuticle Nipper 1PCS Nail File 1PCS Nail Cuticle Pusher 1PCS Cuticle Pusher and Nail Lifter 1PCS Triangle Cuticle Cleaner 1PCS Nail Pick 1PCS Ear Pick(free gift) 1PCS Cuticle Nipper Collection Plastic Cover(free gift)

  • Asin: B07HSWNPKV
  • Brand: HIFAU
  • UPC: 634923554335
  • Manufacturer: HIFAU

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming

The use of dog nail clippers can be painful for your pet. Dremel simplifies pet grooming for owners and animals with this cordless Pet Nail Rotary Tool. This kit allows you to quickly, easily and safely trim your pet's nails. The rechargeable, battery-powered device uses a 60-grit sanding drum to comfortably trim toenails in a manner that is designed to be harmless and humane. With easy to follow instructions included in the kit, you'll be grooming pet nails in minutes.

  • Asin: B003TU0XG4
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: Dremel
  • UPC: 787721796374
  • Size: Medium
  • Manufacturer: Dremel