Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter / Heat Stress Monitor

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter / Heat Stress

  • Asin: B001JEPJZ2
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Kestrel
  • UPC: 757274986232
  • Size: Kestrel 3000
  • Manufacturer: NK Kestrel

WeatherFlow Precision Shooting WEATHERmeter Hand Held Weather Meter with Bluetooth for Smartphones

WeatherFlow Precision Shooting WEATHERmeter Hand Held Weather Meter

The Precision Shooting WEATHERmeter is a pocket-sized weather station that seamlessly integrates with the BallisticsARC app to capture accurate wind and atmospheric measurements for high fidelity shooting solutions on your iOS or Android device.GeoBallistics and WeatherFlow have partnered to bring a complete precision shooting solution to mobile devices. BallisticsARC is the most powerful FREE ballistic calculator available and seamlessly integrates with the Precision Shooting WEATHERmeter. This combination of intuitive software and integrated hardware allows shooters of all levels to maximize their time behind the trigger, regardless of application or conditions.

  • Asin: B01HTKA102
  • Brand: WeatherFlow
  • UPC: 859883004052
  • Manufacturer: WeatherFlow

Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter Pro Digital Psychrometer Altimeter Anemometer, Blaze Orange

Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter Pro Digital Psychrometer

The Kestrel 3500FW Fire Weather Meter Pro is your all-in-one hand-held belt weather kit, monitoring every critical weather measurement including barometric pressure and altitude, plus wet bulb, PIG, and FDFM. The Kestrel 3500 provides NIST-traceable accuracy, reliability and usability when it matters most. Engineered for performance, the 3500 allows you to track trends with on-screen data graphing on a large, backlit display for easy viewing in bright sun or total darkness.The 3500 is drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and able to withstand harsh environmental extremes without damage and handle the abuses of work on a fire line wherever you're assigned. The Kestrel 3500 is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Asin: B01J7Y3WQS
  • Color: Blaze Orange
  • Brand: Kestrel
  • UPC: 730650003068
  • Manufacturer: NK Kestrel

ennoLogic Anemometer eA980R - 8 Parameters: Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Air Temperature, Humidity, Heat Index, Dew Point, Barometric Pressure, Altitude - Digital Weather Meter with Backlight

ennoLogic Anemometer eA980R - 8 Parameters: Wind Speed,

The Digital Anemometer from ennoLogic eA980R Combines 8 Parameters in one Handheld Instrument.It's like carrying a weather station in your pocket!The digital anemometer eA890R is a feature-loaded little gadget that's perfect for hiking, mountaineering, sailing, golf, hunting, shooting, fishing, flying model planes, quads and drones, or any other outdoor activity. It is an airflow gauge, thermometer, hygrometer, barometer, and altimeter and combines 8 weather parameters into one small light-weight unit. Perfect for your bug out bag.On first use, install the included coin cell battery. Then press the power button, hold the anemometer into the wind or air flow you are measuring, and the device instantly starts displaying wind speed in mph. Prefer different units? Press the Units button to cycle through mph, m/s, ft/min, knots, and km/h. A long press of the Units button freezes the current reading. Pressing the power button briefly several times cycles through max, min, and average readings since power-on. Press & hold down the Set button for 2 seconds to turn the backlight on. It stays on until you turn it off. Specifications- Wind speed: 0 to 65 mph, resolution 0.4mph (0.2mph in Average mode), ±5%- Wind chill: -49 to 50 °F, ±1.8°F- Temperature: -20 to 158 °F, ±1.8°F- Relative Humidity: 0 to 100 %, ±3%- Heat Index: 70 to 130 °F, ±3.6 °F- Dew Point: -20 to 158 °F, ±3.6 °F- Barometric Pressure: 0.29 to 32.48 inHg, ±0.05 inHg - Pressure Altitude: -6000 to 30000 ft, ±50 ft- Power: LIR2032 3.6V battery. Rechargeable. 12 hours typical use. Do NOT use CR2032.- Size: 4.3" x 1.8" x 0.8"- Weight: 2.1 oz.- Package includes one eA980R, carrying case, lanyard, LIR2032 battery, and user manualLike all ennoLogic products, the eA980R comes with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY, HASSLE-F...

  • Asin: B01M2AL9BE
  • Brand: ennoLogic
  • UPC: 641171757944
  • Manufacturer: Cascadia Innovations

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter / Heat Stress Monitor, Orange

Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather Meter / Heat Stress

The Kestrel 3000 Pocket Weather and Heat Stress Meter detects environmental conditions and can provide crucial information for athletes, emergency response teams and construction professionals. Engineered for performance, the 3000 features a large LCD screen backlit for easy viewing, patented impeller and sensor technology, quick-response external temperature sensor, and temperature-controlled humidity sensor. It measures current/average/max wind speed, air/water/snow temperature, wind chill, relative humidity, heat stress index and dewpoint. The rugged design is fully waterproof and floats (IP-67), and is drop-tested to MIL-STD-810F standards. It's designed with a protective cover with sure-grip overmolding and a user-replaceable impeller. The Kestrel 3000 provides users with the ability to make decisions as to when to hydrate, when to rest, and when conditions become unsafe during strenuous activity. In athletics, preventing exertional heat stress has become an important responsibility of trainers, coaches and sport healthcare providers from little league to the NFL. In the professional realm, The Kestrel 3000 provides easy monitoring, ensuring OSHA compliance and protecting the health and safety of their employees from exertional heat stress injuries. And thousands of Kestrel meters are on the job around the world for every fire season, providing crucial measurements for fire behavior prediction. The Kestrel 3000 offers an affordable way to accurately monitor and log humidity and heat stress index when lives are on the line and comes with a neck lanyard, protective pouch and coin cell battery It is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Asin: B017AEZXBO
  • Color: Orange
  • Brand: Kestrel
  • UPC: 730650001842
  • Manufacturer: Kestrel

Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter Light Orange

Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter Light

The Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter comes packed with function. Its measures wind (current/max/average/chill) and temperature (air/water/snow) with total accuracy, and has the added benefits of an air pressure sensor that provides altitude and barometric information, enabling you to follow changes in air pressure that help predict the weather. Factor in the 2500's digital altimeter, and you have most of the weather information you need for outdoor activities ranging from model airplane flight to rifle practice. The 2500 is individually calibrated, and features a backlit screen, patented impeller and sensor technology, and a quick-response external temperature sensor. The rugged design features a protective cover, is fully waterproof and floats (IP-67), and is drop-tested to MIL-STD-810F standards. The 2500 is also made for easy maintenance - no tools are required and the impeller is user-replaceable. The design and function of the Kestrel 2500 make it a valuable tool for military use and for outdoor enthusiasts. Backpackers, climbers and skiers can use the barometric pressure and dew point temperature to help predict weather trends, and the wind chill and heat stress index sensors can warn of dangerous conditions for long-term exposure. Hunters know that wind speed affects how well animals can hear and smell, and for most game, activity levels will also rise or fall along with barometric pressure. A Kestrel 2500 can help track weather trends and give you current conditions so you can plan when and where to hunt. And predicting when the fish will bite is easier when you know the weather too - rising or falling pressure increases fish activity, and you can measure water temperature by simply submerging the unit and hitting "hold" to save the temperature. Coin cell batte...

  • Asin: B01MYVLYOC
  • Color: Light Orange
  • Brand: Kestrel
  • UPC: 730650025008
  • Size: Standard
  • Manufacturer: NK Kestrel

Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station w/Windspeed, Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Compass, Dew Point, Comfort Index, Psychrometer

Ambient Weather WM-4 Handheld Weather Station w/Windspeed, Direction,

Features: Current wind speed, Maximum wind speed, Average wind speed Wind measurement units: knots, mph, kph, feet/minute, meters/second, Beaufort Wind direction in degrees and compass points Calculates cross wind, head/tail wind Current temperature (°F or °C) Current dew point (°F or °C) Current wet bulb (°F or °C) Current wind chill (°F or °C) Current relative humidity (%RH) Current Delta T® patented Comfort IndexTM USA fluxgate compass Swiss-made impeller Lifetime calibrated Swiss-made humidity sensor Backlit LCD display Auto shutoff after 5-min Threaded for tripod mounting Pocket-knife design to protect unit when not in use Adjustable lanyard Water resistant and floats Specifications: Wind speed range: .8-89 mph Wind speed accuracy: ±3% when aligned with winds axis Current wind response time: 1-sec Avg wind response time: over 10 sec Max wind response time: 1-sec Cross wind head/tail wind response time: 5 sec Wind direction response time: 1 sec Temperature range: -20° to +158°F Temperature accuracy: ±1.8°F Temperature response time: 1 min Dew point range: -20° to +158°F Dew point accuracy: ±3.6°F Dew point response time: 1 min Wet bulb accuracy: ±3.6°F Wet bulb range: 32° to 100°F Wet bulb response time: 1-min Wind chill range: -50° to +50°F Wind chill accuracy: ±1.8°F Wind chill response time: 1 sec Rel. humidity range: 5-95% Rel. humidity accuracy: ±3% Rel. humidity response time: 1 min Delta T response time: 1-min Compass accuracy: ±2° Compass range: 0 to 360 Compass response time: 1 sec Other Specifications: Power: CR2032 Lithium battery (included and replaceable) Dimensions: 5.5" x 1.75" x .75"

  • Asin: B00540I7WO
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Ambient Weather
  • UPC: 857450002890
  • Manufacturer: Ambient Weather

Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter with Windspeed/Temperature and Wind Chill

Ambient Weather WM-2 Handheld Weather Meter with Windspeed/Temperature

Compact, portable, and rugged, the WM-2 is ideal for model plane pilots, shooters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. A lanyard, and user replaceable battery are also included. The versatile LCD display allows you to switch between wind speed units of measure (mph, Km/h, m/s, ft/min or Knots), temperature units of measure (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius), temperature and wind chill, average, instant and maximum wind speed. Includes backlight for low light and night time viewing.Applications include backpacking and hiking, biathlon, camping, climbing and mountaineering, athletic trainers, golfing and caddying, hang gliding, kite boarding, kite surfing, model airplanes, paddle sports, sailing and yachting, scuba diving, ski patrol, sky diving, snow making, snow sports, wind surfing, forestry and firefighting, amateur weather watching, meteorology, NOAA weather data collection, storm chasing, skywarn spotters, TV weather reporting, wind power generation, construction, HVAC, shooting sports, motor sports, scientific and educational research.

  • Asin: B005DF9VUC
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Ambient Weather
  • UPC: 885673477096
  • Manufacturer: Ambient Weather

Weatherflow Handheld Smart Phone Weather Meter

Weatherflow Handheld Smart Phone Weather

wind speed (avg, gust, apparent, true) wind direction (magnetic, true) crosswind, headwind, tailwind temperature & relative humidity pressure & dew point heat index, wind chill, and morev Bluetooth Smart (super energy efficient) held in hand or attached to any 1/4-20 camera mount up to 100 ft away

  • Asin: B011WT29HO
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: WeatherFlow
  • UPC: 859883004038
  • Manufacturer: WeatherFlow

Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Link

Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with

The next generation of ballistics weather meter is here with the Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter. The Kestrel 5700 is a tremendous value in full-featured ballistics calculators. Providing the same trusted accuracy, reliability, and usability as the original Kestrel 5700 Elite Ballistics Weather Meter, this integrated weather meter and ballistics solver takes the guesswork out of long-range shooting and is an ideal companion for hunters, competitive, and recreational shooters working to stretch their reach in long-range shooting. The Kestrel 5 Series platform offers a large, high-resolution and contrast display with ease of font readability. It also includes a built-in dual color backlight, extra-strong polycarbonate lens, AA battery operation and optional LiNK iOS and Android wireless connectivity and app support. Like all Kestrel meters, the Kestrel 5700 is drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and able to withstand harsh environments without damage- so it can accompany you to the range or hunt for years to come. A range of carry pouch options makes it even easier to take your Kestrel 5700 with you. Buy the Kestrel 5700 with LiNK and get the power of the Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app for Android or the Kestrel Link Ballistics app for iOS for free. Build and manage your gun/bullet profiles and download them to your Kestrel 5700 before you set out. At the range or match, secure your Kestrel 5700 to a tripod using the optional Kestrel Vane Mount and use the app to quickly adjust the target range and view the shooting solution and wind rose without leaving your shooting position. It's like having a meteorologist and ballistician standing next to you while you shoot. In addition to the ballistics solver capabilities, the Kestrel 5700 is a comprehensive weather meter for me...

  • Asin: B079MHWN26
  • Color: TAN
  • Brand: Kestrel
  • UPC: 730650003761
  • Manufacturer: NK Kestrel