Security Surveillance Camera Sign - Sticker Graphic - Auto, Wall, Laptop, Cell, Truck Sticker for Windows, Cars, Trucks

Security Surveillance Camera Sign - Sticker Graphic -

Our dye cut decals are made from the highest quality vinyl and transfer tape. Making for easy and long lasting application. Orders are shipped within 24 hours from the United States. All products are made in the United States. We offer 100% money back guarantee if your not happy with your product, no questions asked. Thanks for shopping with Win Stickers & Decals. We appreciate your business.

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Reflective Neighborhood Watch Surveillance Camera Decals - 4" X 4" Decal 6 Pack

Reflective Neighborhood Watch Surveillance Camera Decals - 4"

Security stickers are one of the easiest ways to keep intruders away; it's your first line of defense in keeping a would-be thief at bay. And while there is no substitute for a real, alarm and surveillance system, a good security camera sign will make any burglar think twice about treading onto your property. Reflective decals are a deterrent and an important strategy in total security. Well placed stickers tell a burglar that there will be obstacles. Neighborhood Watch Reflective decals are a small price to pay in time and money so you can make your home or business more secure and reduce your chances of being a victim. These 4" X 4" bright Reflective easy to read security alarm decals help protect your home, business, and loved ones even if you do not have an alarm or surveillance system installed. We recommend alarm decals on all first floor windows. Burglars are looking for an easy target and will normally pass up a home or business which advertises that an alarm or surveillance system is present. Let them know that they are being watched. Whether you have a security camera, alarm system, or not let them think you have and they will move on to the next property that is less protected.

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Neighborhood Watch CCTV Reflective Surveillance Camera Warning Sign and Decals. Neighborhood Watch 10" X 10"

Neighborhood Watch CCTV Reflective Surveillance Camera Warning Sign

This package includes (1) 10"x10" CCTV security camera sign, (3) 4" X 4" decals and perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This surveillance warning sign is made from weatherproof plastic. The sign has rounded corners and four holes pre-drilled for easy mounting. Most burglars are unskilled, inexperienced and seeking the path of least resistance, and a couple of strategically placed deterrents can dramatically decrease your chances of being burglarized. You must let people know that they are in an area where CCTV surveillance is being carried out. The most effective way of doing this is by using prominently placed warning signs at the entrance of your home, warehouse or office. Clear and important camera signs are particularly important in locations where people might not expect to be under surveillance. As a general rule, signs should be more prominent and frequent where it would otherwise be less obvious to people that they are on camera. While many people end up spending thousands of dollars on state of the art security camera systems, a simple Surveillance warning sign or decal may be all you need. It truly is a personal preference depending on how secure you want to feel. But placing a camera warning sign in the front and back of your home or office can have just as much of an effect of a actual camera surveillance system. When you have a security warning sign, you are giving yourself 24 hour protection for the price of a couple of dollars. Convincing a potential burglar or neighborhood hoodlum that your house or business is protected with a video surveillance system can stave off an impending burglary or vandalism to your property. Whether or not you actually have a video surveillance system, one glimpse of a surveillance warning sign often scares a thief away. Why wo...

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  • Color: Red, White, Yellow, Black
  • Brand: Winn
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  • Manufacturer: WINN Security Products